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Vanessa Kristina George
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useless shit xox
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: January 5, 1997
Height: 5'4
Address: 3904 K. John Dr, Hollywood Hills, CA
Occupation(s): Student
i'll be there 4 u
Family: Alexander George (dad), Jocelyn George (mom), Katie George (sister) and Lillian George (sister)
Friends: huh
Enemies: wat
stoopid shit
Interests: Singing, Broadway
Education: Hollywood Arts High School
Talent: Singing, Dancing, Acting
Weaknesses: Jealousy, breakups
Portrayer: Lea Michele


Mrs. Grinch – Child of the first and last piece of bread
– Don't tell me not to fly, I've simply got to! If someone takes a spill, it's me and not you! Who told you you're allowed to rain on my parade?

 – Can't read my, can't read my. No he can't read my poker face! She's got to love nobody. P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face!

Hello. My name is Vanessa George. You should like, totally talk to me. I'm a cool person. or at least that's what my mom says


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: My strong voice.

My looks aren't really "simple". I dress normal like everyone else, but I add a bit more style into it. BECAUSE I'M AWESOME LIKE THAT


Jocelyn GeorgeEdit

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mother. She's really rich, like my dad. I guess you could say she spoils me. Yep being spoiled ftw lol.

Alexander GeorgeEdit

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My father. omfg his name is so typical like iusddurtuerujedudr. Well okay back to the topic XD Like I said, he's super rich. He owns like 37 houses omg.

Lillian GeorgeEdit

Lillian is my sister. She's really bratty andannoying, but I guess I love her. But her friends are annoying and they're always talking to me like I'm their friend wtf.

Katie GeorgeEdit

my little sister :D

Justin GeorgeEdit

He fucking looks like Darren Criss. He's really nice and awesome and I love him so much #favoritefamilymember


I think I'm kind of serious, in some way. And I'm not too peppy either, even though sometimes I'm really hyper. I don't understand over-happy people I mean wtf what's so amazing that your so happy. I'm also an overachiever, so yeah I like getting good grades. Other than that, idk what else to say...OH WAIT YES I DO. I FORGET REALLY EASILY SO LIKE IF WE KNEW EACH OTHER A LONG TIME AGO I WON'T REMEBER YOU K
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I was born in New York. Yep, New York baby right here. I was only there for a week when I was born, then I lived in California for the rest of my life, I wanna go back to NY, though. Not right now but yeah. It was fun there. ^.^ BROADWAY.


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i'll do this when i get a friends full season 1, 2, and 3 on dvd kkk



  • One Direction fucking sucks.
  • I do not like Ed Sheeren.
  • I hate people who confuse then and than.
  • My favorite season is Autumn.
  • Broadway is the reason I breathe.
  • I don't have many friends but that's okie because I look like Lea Michele.
  • I celebrate Christmas. Sometimes Hanukkah when my dad is feelin' the spirit.
  • I curse a lot.
  • My main fandom is Pretty Little Liars. The only other shows I watch are Glee (sorta) and ummmm, oh yah friends :D.