As ALL of you may know, a lovely user named Minithepeanut has left the wiki and a bureaucrat position needs to be filled. Also, a user named Ant 157349 recently announced that she is going into an inactive period and will not be assumming her duties. Because of this, she has been demoted at her request, and since everyone, or almost everyone, agreed that HeyLookItzTanni would be a fantastic admin, she was promoted yesterday or today, depending on your time zone.

But, I have spoken to some users on chat that they desire other users besides User:Ms. reference to replace Mini as a bureaucrat, so we decided to make a poll about it.

Sadly, we forgot to make the existence of this poll known, so HOORAY YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW HOURS OR SOMETHING TO VOTE. A majority of this wiki has already voted, but for the people the haven't WELL VOTE NOW THE POLL IS GONNA BE CLOSED SOON.

Enjoy that.

Oh yeah, and in case you voted before we made it publicly known, please comment "Voted" in the comments section so this blog gets pushed up the Activity. Thank you.

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