Katy Roberts's House

Roberts Home

Katy Roberts's House

NOTE: This is a roleplaying location and you may start a new RP in the comments below. Have fun!

Katy Roberts's house is located on 3221 North Knoll Drive, Los Angeles, California.

Residents of this house

My parents

Oldest sister.

Youngest sister


Roberts' Living Room
This is the living room. We usually watch TV here.

Roberts' Dining Room
This is the dining room, where we eat.

Roberts' Parent's Room
This is my parent's room. Idk what they do in there.

Katy Roberts' Room
This is where I sleep and do other stuff.

Rachel Roberts' Room
This is Kelsey’s room. It's pretty girly.

The bathroom.

Roberts' Guest Room
This is the guest room, where guests sleep, obviously.

Roberts' Pool
This is the indoor pool. It's in the shape of a pear. Weird, huh? xD

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