Nicole Calder and Nick Calder's House


Nicole Calder and Nick Calder's House

NOTE: This is a roleplaying location and you may start a new RP in the comments below. Have fun!

Nicole Calder and Nick Calder's house is located on 456 W.Thomas Road,Los Angeles, CA.This is where twins Nick and Nicole live.They live here with their parents.Nicole keeps a frying pan in her room in case of intruders.


This is the living room,where the twins study, threaten to strangle eachother, chill out,and watch tv.


This is the kitchen.Don't steal Nick's food that he posts weird pictures of or Nicole's fatty foods.Don't ever do it.Cause Nicole will take that frying pan out


Welcome to Nicole's room.This is where she writes her jokes,tries out her makeup,eats,and you know,that stuff.


Welcome to Nick's room.This is where he does all his hipsterness stuff.Like take pictures of his bed set,tropical fruits,and stuff...


This is the basement,this is where the twins throw parties.Yes that is a bar in the background don't drink illegally because not only will you go to jail,Nicole's gonna pull her baseball bat out.


This is the backyard.Once,when Nick was little,he pushed Nicole in the pool.She hit him with her play frying pan.Anyways,this area is restricted unless you are a hipster girl in a bikini *cough*Nick *cough* or a hot,funny guy in a swimming trunks *cough*Nicole*cough*


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