Tori Vega has left HA.
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Hey, guys! I'm Tori (: Don't forget to check out my snaps and videos :{) #MustacheAddict

Tori Says Hi (:

Toris new PP

Me and Trina are currently having a laugh fest. That Annabeth kid said she'd kill me cause I broke that annoying British kid Emma's heart with that Josh boy. Just cause we kissed like 20 times a day doesn't mean it's acceptable to "kill" me. I would love to see her efforts at killing me. It probably just means she'll be all like "you're a big nasty girl and we dislike you!". Aaah! I'm so scared.../sarcasm/



Tori Talks (:

Tori's Snaps (:

Best Friend's Brother03:39

Best Friend's Brother

Tori Vega Performing BFB

A Thousand Miles03:55

A Thousand Miles

Tori Vega Performing A Thousand Miles (by Vanessa Carlton)

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