Rachelle Carla Redford has left HA.
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Finally taking the little one home, and I figured it was time to change my profile picture anyway.



Rachelle is dating Max Lemming.

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  • Max and I.
  • Me with my good friend Olivia Stewart.
  • Me and my boyfriend, Max <3
  • Max was playing with my PearPod while I did laundry.
  • Me performing in Florida.
  • Max, Jen, Sofia, me and the giant pie.
  • Me and Jen :)
  • Performing with Max's band.
  • Jen and I were sleeping until Max woke us up with the flash on his camera.
  • Max and I at our movie night, at least Jen turned the flash off.
  • My brother and I, goofing off, with very serious faces.
  • Getting a chance to jump up on stage and sing while my brother plays guitar.
  • Working on my Monster Make-up Assignment and helping in the school production of Frankenstein.
  • Joining Max up on stage.
  • Opening Act for Max's band!
  • My brother is trying to help me with Method Acting, by dressing up as a superhero with a Q on his chest.
  • Me, Denise, Graceyn and come friends from my old school.
  • Me, Graceyn and Jake.
  • Graceyn and I.
  • Jake and I.
  • Me with Taylor Marlen.

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