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Amelia Jenkinson has left HA.
and this page has been archived. sorry.


Hey.Welcome To

Amelia Jenkinson's

Profile XD Tumblr loenznMTjF1qmg7c3o1 500

To learn more about me, click


Amelia'S Newest Update

Nightmare.My head is churning,I think I'm gonna die.In Sikowitz's classroom,I stood up for a part suddenly Jade spilt coffee at my feet and I tripped and banged it on the solid,hard table.


Headache.Gonna die.

Amy's Board

Amy's Clips
"Watch Me" from Disney Channel's "Shake It Up"03:13

"Watch Me" from Disney Channel's "Shake It Up"


Selena Gomez singing Shake it up with Bella Thorne on stage00:47

Selena Gomez singing Shake it up with Bella Thorne on stage

Jasmine singing Shake it up while me and lisa are dancing

Amelia is dating Darien Shields

Amy's Pix

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