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Hey guys,I have a very sore throat so if I seem like im ignoring you,I just cant talk.



Mackenzie is dating Matt Oliver.

Mack's PIX
  • Me and Lola!
  • When I was crowned America's sweetheart.
  • Me at Prome
  • Me on the Red Carpet
  • Me on the Beach
  • Me,Jimmy,Gypsy,and Angel
  • Me and Avalon
  • me and Destiny
  • My glamour shot I got at the mall
  • Me,Matt,and Matt's dog Buddy
  • Me at the Super Boul
  • Me,Matt,and some of our friends at my old private school
  • Me and santa!
  • Me,Matts little sister Bitsy,and some of his other sisters(Mia,Emma,Alexis,and Katie)
  • my 5th grade glamour shot
  • Me at my old schools Prom
Mackenzie's Clips

thumb|left|198px|My audition For Hollywood Arts!thumb|300px|right|Gypsy Preforming at the costume party(Check out me as the donut!) thumb|300px|right|I caught Gypsy pretending to be Chyna Parks thumb|198px|left|My magazine interview Pt.1 thumb|300px|right|My magazine interview Pt.2 thumb|198px|left|Me being interveiwed at the Save the Children Carnival