Terra Amberlina
Has been kicked out for their poor attendance. You cannot RP with them anymore.

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Terra Amberlina
General Information
Gender: Wow, are you that stupid? But if you must ask, Female.
Age: 17
Hair Color: black or brown, depending on the weather.
Eye Color: black as night
Birthday: October 31st, 1996
Height: 5" 5
Weight: What the chiz?
Address: I don't need stalkers in my life
Occupation(s): Student, singer, and actress
Aliases: Terra
Family & Friends
Family: Katy (sister), Greg (Dad), ugh, and my mom Catylin.
Friends: Why do you care?
Relationships: None
Enemies: Feel free to put your name here
Other Information
Interests: Acting, Singing, reading in the dark, making videos, and playing editted version of Texas Hold 'Em.
Education: Oh my god...
Talent: Acting and Singing
Weaknesses: Not making a video
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Canada
Last appearance: Wow.
Portrayer: Blazey

Hello stalkers. You might be surprised if my slap page link is gone is because I don't need people to know my personal life.

F4253 tumblr m5qgm662Vk1r81g3ao1 500

The Girl in the Middle of nowhere – Child of My dad and her
– Student, Singer, and Actress

 – I am not a clock

Hi Stalkers, I'm Terra, Bye Stalkers


Hair Colour:Black or brown

Eye Colour:black as night

Trademark:Umm.....My secret history?

I have brown or black hair. My favorite color is black. But I often wear dark colors.



She's my favorite person ever. She is my sister, and a sweetie. I love her to death. She is not creative as me, but- wait, what the heck am I doing? Why am I putting down info on my sister! Leave stalker!


He is my father, and I get inspired by him. I'm done.


Ugh, my mom. I don't wanna talk about her cause I hate her! Ugh. But, I would put it down if I would like to talk about it.


I don't need to tell you my history stalkers.


Depends on the person.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Andre HarrisEdit

Close friend, but however, he can get wonky. But I still like him.

Beck OliverEdit

He's boring. But we are more of acqutancies then friends.

Cat ValentineEdit

Ugh, she is super annoying.

Jade WestEdit

My best friend, she is the only person, other them Mikayla and Pearla, who understand me.

Robbie ShapiroEdit

He is a geek, but, I need a geek in my life. But, he can lose that stupid puppet.

Tori VegaEdit

She wants everything in the world, she gets all the attention, and she is talentless.

Trina VegaEdit

God, is there a more annoying person then her? I hate her. She is the last person I would want to live with. I hate her more then Cat, and that's saying a lot.

Other PeopleEdit


I don't want you to hurt Mikayla! So don't even ask! But she's a close friend.

Heather PederezEdit

Oh my god. She is such a big, talentless, wannabe b****. Can't that little wannabe go annoy someone else?

Winter McCurdyEdit

She is nice and cool. I love her confidence.

Crystal BlueEdit

She's fine, I guess. But I don't kow her that well.

Mango KelvinEdit

I protect her from all the wannabes and bullies. The only reason I am friends with her is because she reminds me of Mikayla. But she is still nice.

Nancy RossEdit

She is cool. And my type of person.


I wanna say things about her can't say on here. OOC: But secretly, Terra loves Kina as a friend, and would love to be her friend.


Annoying little wannabe. She should go move to Paris where she can be as bratty as she wants.

Annoying S***Edit

-_- I rather live in a black hole, then be with her for one second.


I honestly rather hang out with Kina then Ashily. And trust me, that is saying a lot.


  • You have no idea how many idiots I have met.
  • You seriously have no idea how many idiots I have met.
  • If I had a nickel for everytime I met an idiot, I would be a billionare.
  • I don't use 'Stalker's' much anymore because I just am not saying it as much anymore.
  • I am happy that Mikayla got the record deal.
  • People hate me, I ask them to just f***ing deal with it.
  • I am done now, I beg of you to leave.

Note from PortrayerEdit

Tumblr m2w96dAYEr1qe9nabo1 500
Terra was born in Toranto, Ontario in Canada. She had a great life. Everything was perfect in her life. She had many friends, she was great in school, her parents. But that all changed when she was 13. Her mom made the desicion to move to LA, and sell the house to a new family. That's when Terra's life fell apart. She changed after she moved. She missed her home, her friends, the Toranto weather, her school. The reason that they her mom decided to move was because she found out she was preagnet with Terra's sister, Katy. When she say her new house, she hated it. It was a mansion, but however, she didn't like it, compared to her old home. She did have an older sister, and she loved her, she refuses to talk about it. She was the other person who understood her.

But one day, on Katy's birthday, her parents were on the way to the hospital, and so her sister and Terra were alone in the house. Then, Terra heard the sound of a window breaking, and the sound of her sister screaming. Terra imidatly got out of bed, but she was too late. She saw her sister's dead body on the floor, and a crystal vase of broke into several pieces. Her parents came in at that moment, and they thought that Terra killed her sister with the vase. So, Terra was sent to a mental hospital. But thanks to her dad, after the first year, her dad got out of the hospital, and believed in Terra. He sent her to a show, and that's how she fell in love with acting and music. When her father learned about Hollywood Arts, he sent her to audtion for HA, and she made it.

That is her past. Terra resfuses to tell it to anyone, because it will destroy her. Since she moved from her home in Canada, and was sent to a mental hospital, she got depression. She used to have that, but however, she still sometimes has depression somedays.

And why does she use the term 'stalkers' most of the time? Because since she lost her sister, she strongly believes that her sister had a stalker, and that's how she lost her. And since the lost of her sister has been very tramatic for her, and her life, that's why she uses that a lot.

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