Sydney Martiano
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Sydney Martiano
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Hair Color: Reddish-brownish
Eye Color: Hazel
Birthday: 5/13/99
Height: 5'1
Weight: ...stalker, much?
Address: 2954 Mockingbird Way, LA, CA
Occupation(s): Student, singer, songwriter
Aliases: Syd, Pain-in-the-butt(Exclusive to Anthony xP)
Family & Friends
Family: Anthony Martiano(brother) Maylene Adams (mom) Unknown dad
Friends: Tony Martiano(some times) Adrian Brees(sometimes)
Relationships: N/A
Enemies: Tony Martiano(sometimes) Adrian Brees (sometimes)
Other Information
Interests: A lot of things
Education: Hollywood Arts, derppp
Talent: Singing, acting
Weaknesses: A lot of things
Role-playing Information
Portrayer: I wanted to see Roxas... He made me feel like I had a heart.. Funny... You make me feel the same way.....

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Jade Harley < 3 -Child of Maylene Adams
-Student, songwriter

 i am never going to sleep again!

Heyo. I'm Sydney! ♥ Welcome to my page!


Hair Colour: Reddish-brown

Eye Colour:Hazel-ish

Trademark:Wearing a lot of boy clothes

I ♥ my hoodies, Adidas shoes, and baggy jeans. END OF STORY. I mean, I'll try to make my tomboy style a bit feminine if I'm going out in public, usually only choosing ONE pink thing.


Tony Edit

What can I say? It's my goal in life to give him hell on earth. Usually works, though.


My mom, Maylene Adams. c: She thinks I'm a little angel.


OK, so you should know some of my story if you know ANYTHING about Tony. But, here goes some of my own story. I was born in Lee County Memorial Hospital, in Fort Myers, Florida. We moved to LA last year. We've been here ever since. BUT, I'm not Joseph's kid, like Anthony is. I'm "not a Martiano, so why I keep the last name is a mystery."

Oh, and I skipped the eight grade

So I'm 13 and in high school. c:


I'm a little shy when you first meet me, but after we become friends, I become extremely sarcastic and humorous.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Andre HarrisEdit

Andre seems like a nice guy, Don't know too much about him, though.

Beck OliverEdit

Beck's really nice. He showed me around my first day.

Cat ValentineEdit

Cat is so adorable! She's like a lil' four year old in a teenage body!

Jade WestEdit

Jade scares me....

Robbie ShapiroEdit

.__. Who?

Tori VegaEdit

uh...this girl. She's strange.

Trina VegaEdit

This girl drives me INSANE. I asked her where one of my classes was. She responded something rude. O.o

Other Students at HAEdit

Kaleb BrownEdit

My best friend besides Jacob(see below). We're both hardcore gamers. And we both think pizza is the best food mankind ever invented. We have a LOT in common, but we're staying just friends. :/

Lacy CampbellEdit

She's a really good friend. :)

Other people on Planet EarthEdit

Jacob HendersonEdit

Jacob is my best friend EVER. He's my next door neighbor.
Me and logan

me and Jacob


  • I have a sky-blue(not Special Blue, although don't I wish?) PearPhone XT.
  • I'm a decent drawer
  • I write songs.
  • I'm a gamer
  • I'm a nerd by heart
  • I cannot live without a keypad on my laptop. I need to use those symbols you can make by pressing ALT+ number pad
  • I ♥ anime
  • Monster High is epic. /endofstory/
  • I was an extra in The Thunder Games.

Pics of me :DEdit

  • Me!~
  • facepalm. Ignore the toy barn in the BG. XD
  • me and my puppeh. :3 My hair's in a ponytail, you just can't see it.
  • Converse shoes ♥
  • My Converse again. Be jelly. xP
  • Me and my ice cream. You can see my shoe in the BG. XD

A Note From The PortrayerEdit

Heyoo. Jenna here. Roleplaying Sydney is like roleplaying myself. Since I'm her FC, her personality is just like mine, Sydney's my twin with a different name. xD Anyway, I decided Anthony's sister would be high school age.

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