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Sulli Hyoyeon Kwon
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: November 5, 1996
Height: 5'6
Weight: lol
Address: lol
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: There's no nickname for Sulli ;_;
Family & Friends
Family: Sungmin Kwon (father), Hyoyln Kwon (mother), Yoonjo Kwon (younger sister) Eunji Kwon (older sister)
Friends: lol
Relationships: lol
Pet(s): lol
Enemies: lol
Other Information
Interests: lol
Education: lol
Talent: lol
Weaknesses: lol
Series Information
First appearance: lol
Last appearance: lol
Portrayer: Lee Chaerin

Hero Zero – Child of a father
– Student

 I'm trying to smile brightly but, I don't like it

Hello, I'm Sulli. Even though it seemed highly unlikely that I thought you would happen to land on this page, I've been expecting you.


  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: I can type without looking at the keyboard

My style isn't really special. So why do you care about it? It shouldn't matter to you and your style doesn't matter to me. We done?


Sungmin KwonEdit

He's my dad. He's...interesting. He's really weird which is hard for me since I'm, not used to weird people that much tbh. They're really irritating and annoying.

Hyoyln KwonEdit

My mom. She's okay. She's not the perfect mother I would love to have but I really should accept what I can get.

Yoonjo KwonEdit

Yoonjo is my younger sister.

Eunji KwonEdit

Eunji is my older sister. She's really bossy and rude. And she's really sluttyy. I love her name though.


I'm sorta serious. No serious isn't the appropriate word to say for this. Mature is. I'm really mature. But honestly, I'm not serious 18/5. Yes 18/5. I sleep too you know. Wait screw that I'm more independent than I am mature so I'm independent okay. I change my mind a lot, but that's okay. I'm allowed to change my mind anyway.
Tumblr m4g6z9fWHf1rvzakzo1 250


I was born in a Seoul, South Korea. I moved to Europe for a while. It was actually really nice there and I hope to visit again. I moved around a lot in my life actually... I've been to Europe, the UK, Australia, etc. I plan on going to Tokyo one day.


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