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Su-Jin Min-Ah Kang
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General Information
Gender: Lololololol yes I am a transvestite. xD. Jkjk. Forever a girl.
Age: 17
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Medium brown
Birthday: May 31 1995
Height: 5'7
Weight: 115 lbs.
Address: Okay, why the hell would I tell you?
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Su-Su, Jinny
Family & Friends
Family: Choong-Hoon Kang (Father), Semmi Kang (Mother), Sunny Kang (Younger Sister)
Friends: I have a list, so yep.
Relationships: lol you funny bro
Other Information
Interests: Gymnastics, soccer, acting
Education: Hollywood Arts High school
Talent: Dancing
Weaknesses: Good Sportsmanship
Series Information
Portrayer: Seo Joon-hyun (Seohyun). NOTE: If you use any of my infoboxes, please credit me, thank you.

Ichigo Flavor o(^・x・^)o – Child of Child of Mr. and Mrs. Kang
– Fall in love and break up. Sometimes crying, smiling or just living life. In the end, everybody (like it), everybody (like it). Everybody (like it like it like it)

 – Let’s go, when I sold my couple ring. When I went to the movies alone, when I fall asleep to sad music. There’s no choice but to feel crappy, but I do well on my own...actually, I kind of like that

Hi, I'm Su-Jin, but you can call me Su.


  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: Competitiveness

My hair is usually up, in a ponytail. Because in gymnastics, if your hair is down, it'll get in the way, and on soccer, well it get's in the way too. I prefer it up anyway. You'll probably see me wearing it down every now and again.

My style is casual. I know, pretty much anyone who is into sports is very casual. That's because, after you finish sports practice, you just want to wear something comfortable xD.


I was born, and raised in Korea, with my sister Sunny. Out parents weren't..the best. They already had a set plan for us: to grow up, go to college, get a job, get married, have 3 kids, and quitly die in our sleep. But sadly, for them, we didn't fit that dream. I wanted to be a gymnasts/actress (I still train for 2 hours a day, with my gymnastics coach), and Sunny wanted to be a singer. They told me, that sports were for men, and they told Sunny, that becoming a singer was "unrealisitc".

OOC: more coming soon, this section was really messy and stupid xD


OOC: redoing this also


I'm usually very nice, but only if you're nice to me. I'm also very competitive, and a terrible winner. Like, if we're just playing a board game, and I win, I'll probably rub it in your face, it'll be a while before I calm down xD.

I've never really be the studious type. I've always hated the learning part of school, because I was never really good at it. I've never gotten better than a C+ or a B-.


Well, like any other child, I had my first "boyfriend" in kindergarten. But we broke up because even though I liked sports, I was still a girl, so I was apparently "gross". Then in the 5th grade, I had another "boyfriend". We were in the same math class, and well, I only dated him because he was the top of my class okay. Honestly, I never thought he was cute, until I saw a picture of him now just asdfghjkl; damn.

Now this is where things get interesting. When I was 14, I had just started high shcool, and I
wanted to learn how to play the guitar. So my parents hired this 18 year old boy, by the name of Donghwa. Now, I had a huge crush on him. In fact, he was probably my first love. Anyway, he, apparently, liked me too, but he never did anything about it, so we were always flirting. Now before I move on, I should tell you that he didn't kniow that I was 14. As you can see, I'm kind of on the tall side, and I could easily pass for, that's what I did. I lied, and said that I was 16, turning 17 in a month. Surprisingly he actually believed me. Anyway by our 9th lesson, we started dating behind my parents back. He was my first real boyfriend. And I loved him. Now, when I was 15, we were kind of playing around, and um, with my approval, he decided my...puppy...yeah let's go with that. By now, he knew that I wasn't really 16, like, I couldn't lie to him for so long. But he liked me so much, that he decided to ignore out age difference, and yeah. Anyway, as I was saying, he took away my innocence that night, and I broke up with him a week later. I wasn't ready for that kind of relationship, and I don't think he was either.

Now, recently, we started talking again. Since he's still a music teacher, he has a website and blah blah blah, with contact information. So, one day, I decided to give him a call, and we've been texting ever since.

Other People


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