Stefanie Park
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

Stefanie Yin Ae Park
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde/Brown/Red
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: February 7 1997
Height: 5'6
Address: xD I live in Neverland
Occupation(s): Student, Singer,Dancer
Aliases: Stef, Steffie, Steffeh, Yin, Yinnie
Family & Friends
Family: Su-dae Park (mother,deceased), Min ho Park (father, deceased), Tess Park (aunt) & Syung-soon Park (Grandmother)
Friends: Ahn the immature
Relationships: GASP, why are you asking me this?
Pet(s): Shih Tzu; Charlie
Enemies: Trina Vega
Other Information
Interests: Performing Arts, FOOD, Music, Mangas, FOOD, Guitars
Education: Um, Isn't it obvious already?
Talent: Singing, Dancing
Weaknesses: Why do you wanna know?
Role-playing Information
First appearance: When I was born by my mother
Last appearance: IDK :3
Portrayer: Sunneh and the amazingly talented Bommie <3

Appearance Edit

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde/Brown/Red

Eye Color: Brown.

Trademark: Hair or clothes xD I dunno.

As you can see up there ^^ I have many hair colors stated, that's because I dye my hair most often. I think its become a monthly habit or something xD But I love seeing my hair in different colors, it makes me happy.

Unlike most girls, I have my own style, which people think of as weird, okay I do admit it is a little weird, yes but at least I'm original.

Family Edit

Su-dae ParkEdit

This is my mother, I don't know anything about her because she died when I was a baby.

Min ho ParkEdit

Daddy dearest, I don't remember much about him, but Aunt Tess told me he was awesome.

Tess ParkEdit

Auntie <3 She's like a mom to me, she's awesome and an excellent cook :3

Syung-soon ParkEdit

Gwandma. I love her to pieces, she's really awesome, but can be annoying sometimes. She's still really cool ^u^


I was born to Su-dae and Min ho Park, who both died because of a fire accident where they both worked. I was only 3 months old when they died, my aunt and grandmother took care of me since finding out about my parent's deaths. I've been singing/dancing since I was 5, but I never really shown it to anyone but my aunt and grandmother. I lived in Korea since I was 7, but moved to America, when I was 8, that was where I met a few friends and they told me about this place. So I auditioned.


My personality? Hmm, I'm nice xD but I can be weird sometimes. But I'm mostly really nice, if you annoy me or anything mean, I shall do the same to you.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Tori VegaEdit

Um, she seems nice, but I get this feeling people don't like her.

Andre HarrisEdit

Andre is really talented, but I don't know him.

Jade WestEdit

She's a little scary, with her black outfits and her personality. Thank God, I didn't bump into her when I was lost -_-

Robbie ShapiroEdit

He seems weird.

Cat ValentineEdit

She's adorable, and she's an amazayn singer :)

Beck OliverEdit

I'm sorry, who?

Trina VegaEdit

Ugh, just ugh.


  • My idol is Bommie from 2NE1, they even say I look like her.
  • I love food!
  • Dark red and Midnight blue are my ultimate power colors for life.
  • If it isn't obvious yet, I'm Korean. Proud of it, babe.
  • I like nerdy glasses ^u^
  • I love Pandas <3 Their just adorable :3
  • I also love Manga, but I don't read some anymore, I read novels now :3 I still love/miss them though.
  • Um, I sort of have this habit of adding z at the end of words xD
  • I'm going to marry food someday x]
  • I love Girls Generation, Super Junior and 2NE1 :3 Although I like a few American artists too.


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