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{spencer tatum} -Child of Kate and Adam DiLaurentis
- Student, dancer, actor...your worst nightmare.

 - Whoever said money can't buy happiness obviously didn't know where to shop.

Spencer Tatum DiLaurentis. Gorgeous, talented, financially free, and wise beyond my years. Get to know me, loves, because I already know you.
Spencer Tatum DiLaurentis
General Information
Gender: as feminine as they get.
Age: 15
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: crystal blue
Birthday: September 28, 1997
Height: this is the only thing holding my modeling career back.
Occupation(s): Student, dancer, actor
Aliases: either the girl you want to be or the bitch you love to hate.
Family & Friends
Family: Kate DiLaurentis (mother), Adam DiLaurentis (father)
Friends: We'll see how it goes.
Relationships: Sorry, it's hard to keep track...
Pet(s): my Maltese Yorkie, Cake. I love you bby. ♥
Enemies: are lucky I didn't post their names here. You're welcome.
Other Information
Interests: Dance, acting, Broadway shows, fashion, cross country and cheerleading, popularity
Education: Hollywood Arts
Talent: Dancing, acting, flirting with your boyfriend...
Weaknesses: Maybe someday you'll find out.
Role-playing Information
First appearance: September 23, 2012
Portrayer: A.

Appearance Edit

Eye Color: Crystal blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Trademark: Stealing hearts, and then breaking them.

I'm sexy okok. I have wavy blonde hair and Tiffany box blue eyes. My tan is like a latte, light on the milk. I have a ski-slope nose, perfect cheekbones, and Sephora's entire new cosmetics collection. Damn, no wonder these Hollywood girls bring my pictures in to their plastic surgeons. Not that a nose job will make a difference.

Everyone says I have a hot figure, so I dress in only the best to enhance it. I only wear designer clothing, unless it's a casual Sunday. My favorite designer is Kate Spade. dsfdgh, I even have her phone case. I wear lululemon to dance and cross country and stuff like that. Accessories that pass my test must. have. diamonds. Uhm, and I love UGGs. Only posers hate UGGs.

Family Edit

Kate DiLaurentis Edit

The bitch who gives me too much allowance. Aha, I love my mommy. She says I should treat her like I would a normal classmate, so I do. Look at that, even my own fucking mother worships me. Damn, I'm good.

Adam DiLaurentis Edit

Dad's cool. He also gives me too much allowance since he's a CEO or something but IDGAF. More importantly, I get half of my sexiness from him. If he weren't my father...goddamn.

Cake Edit

Cake is my adorable Maltese Yorkie. I named him after something I want, but I can't have. That's how most guys describe me, anyway.

History Edit

Instead of worrying about my past, why don't you worry about your future?

Personality Edit

I run this shit. Learn it, live it, love it.

If You Want to be Me, Take Notes. Edit

Ain't nobody got time for that. Later. since everyone wants to know

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