Sikowitz's Assignments

Hello, students! It is I, your acting teacher, Sikowitz.

I noticed that a lot of my students get on this,, and decided to make an account and post my acting assignments here, on this very page! So you have no excuse to come into class empty-handed.

April AssignmentsEdit

Assignment #1Edit

For your first April assignment, I have paired you into groups of three. You must write and prepare to act a scene, but with a twist: You must include three special components to your play that I have chosen at random.

  • Mitchell, Emily, Lila = Your scene must include a talking kangaroo, a banana-gun and an explosion.
  • Anthony, Katy= Your scene must include a clown, a cowboy/girl, and a death.
  • Ryan, Juliette, Ashley = Your scene must include an odd sound, a ghost, and underwear.
  • Kath, Jamie, Mara = Your scene must include juggling, a rainstorm, and two children.
  • Adrian, Rachelle = Your scene must include a babysitter, broken glass, and donuts.
  • Beck, Genie, Mary Grace = Your scene must include a murder, a detective, and an ostrich.
  • Liam, Hannah = Your scene must include a talking dinosaur, a lollipop, and a sailor.

This assignment is due on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012. You will each be passed/failed individually, but you will ALL be failed if you do not turn in your work by the due date.

For this assignment, you must write your scene, and post a blog/find Sikowitz on chat and perform.

EDIT: Sorry for the group-switching. While this was picked at random, some people got paired with themselves. Let me know if you've already made your assignments, and I'll fix your group back toget. Also removed one group because majority of people couldn't participate. See ya on the 25th!

Sikowitz's Sign-ups!

OOC: Hey peoplies! Tweety here, AKA, the roleplayer of Sikowitz! If you haven't read the blog about this, GO READ IT! This is the sign-up sheet. You can sign up any amount of OCs and Canon Characters. It would be appreciated if CCs could sign up.

You can sign up at any time, and will be allowed to participate in the next upcoming assignment.


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