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Shor Blakelin
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair Color: Black/brown
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: February 26, 1996
Height: 6'2
Occupation(s): Guitarist, singer
Family & Friends
Family: Lindsey Blakelin (sister)
Jalin Blakelin (mother)
David Blakelin (father)
Friends: Chelsea Bruner (old friend)
Tony Olson (REAL close friend)
McKenna and Jenna Jasen
Relationships: Tyler Bennett (boyfriend C;)
Enemies: Logan Temer (frenemy)
Other Information
Interests: Playing guitar, singing, guys
Education: Hollywood Arts High School
Talent: Acting, guitar playing, singing
Weaknesses: Hot teachers, celery, grapes
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Utah
Last appearance: Wherever it is, I won't be here to tell you


The Ocean Shore -Child of Jalin and David Blakelin
-Singing guitarist

 – 5:15 not a minute more, ready for the waves on my shore
We should talk, it'd be fun.
My life is a Lifetime movie? Yeah right

Happy birthday to me! Partyin'

Hey I'm Shor Blakelin. My real name isn't Shor, it's Shoriff. Just tryin to make new friends here.



Hair Colour: Black/brown...i may go blonde

Eye Colour: Green

Trademark: Shy at first, fun, fast

I like to wear shorts a lot.


Lindsey BlakelinEdit

My sister is awesome! She's at college now :( but she rocks, you'd love her Tumblr lxmcpksslZ1r5ruse

Jalin BlakelinEdit

I love my mom. She's an awesome mom. :)

David BlakelinEdit

My dad is pretty cool. "What have I taught you?" he says. "What did you teach me?" I say.


I have a big history. Some things you should know, some you shouldn't. I've been kicked out of two schools. But I'm not a bad teen, only a naughty one who wants what I want when you least expect it.


I'm pretty fun to be around! What else can I say? I try to make life enjoyable. Even though it can be...annoying. But uh yeah. I'm gay, if that makes you feel any better about me...or worse. I will laugh at stuff when it's not funny. Only because I'm making it funny in my mind.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Andre HarrisEdit

Andre is pretty cool. He's nice and super talented. We should start a band.

Beck OliverEdit

I haven't met him yet but I've heard things.

Cat ValentineEdit

I love you girl but you gotta stop laughing.

Jade WestEdit

Well Jade is...Jade. First impression? She smells like metal and probably spends too much time playing with scissors.

Robbie ShapiroEdit

Robbie is cute, if I could get him to we'd totally make out ;)

Tori VegaEdit

I love Tori! She's, yeah she's great.

Trina VegaEdit

This girl is like my BFF! Yeah the Vegas are sooo no drama girls. Kinda.

Other PeopleEdit

Still making friends here. If I ever say one word to you, I'll probably add you. That makes us BFFs xD

Paige EverdeenEdit

Paige is a really awesome girl. She's probably one of my closest friends right now. She's really awesome! And totally cool! But, now she's gone. :'( RIP Paige.

Tyler BennettEdit

Tyler is my boyfriend. He's a sophomore in college. He's so sweet and romantic and cute and hot and really smart and friendly and fun and just, fantastic. I never could have asked for anything better. We have a long distance relationship but it works. It works very well.


I just met Adam. He's pretty cool. Won't say too much here.

Old FriendsEdit

Chelsea Bruner She's a friend from my old school. She's hilarious.

Tony Olson Tony was soo sweet.

McKenna and Jenna Jasen An awesome pair of twins! I wish they went here!

Logan Temer Logan was never that bad. Actually he was kinda good. Looking? Yeah. No. Friends? Enemies? Ok.


  • I play guitar, love it
  • I don't have a good history with hot teachers
  • I'm gay
  • I tend to either really like or strongly dislike my enemies
  • I named my guitar Ocean, so we're like, Shor and Ocean
  • Straight guys are so fun
  • I'm dating a college babe. ;)


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