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Sharon Mitchell
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

Sharon Mitchell
General Information
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 13, 1997
Age: 15
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Aliases: Dancing queen, Shar (pronounced like 'Cher')
Family & Friends
Family: Will Mitchell (father)
Chelsea Mitchell (mother)
Friends: Cassie Wallace
Relationships: Patrick Wallace (current boyfriend)
Other Information
Interests: Shopping, dancing, dating ;)
Talent: Dancing, singing
Weaknesses: Shopping
Roleplaying Information
Portrayer: Chelsie Hightower

Dancing Queen♔ – Child of Will & Chelsea Mitchell
– Ballroom dancer, singer

 – In a relationship with Patrick Wallace

Sharon Mitchell here. I'm the dancing queen. Love me. Hate is for losers. ;)

About meEdit

I'm what you could call a popular girl. I am a really good ballroom dancer, and I have won several competitions. I will most likely be following in my mother's footsteps as a professional dancer. Also, I love shopping for clothes and stuff, and my boyfriend Patrick is amazing.


I was born February 13th, 1997. Day before Valentine's Day. My parents are quite wealthy because my mom's a pro dancer, and my father's a successful entrepreneur. I've always been into dancing, well cuz my mom is a dancer, so I auditioned for HA and got in.


Will MitchellEdit

My father is one of the managers at Kripco Systems. He earns quite a bit of money. He treats me really well.

Chelsea MitchellEdit

My mother is a professional ballroom dancer, and she has won lots of international competitions. Because of this, she is sometimes hard on me when it comes to dance, but other than that, she lets me do whatever I want.

Relationship with other charactersEdit

Tori VegaEdit

She's okay, but pretty overrated and too nice.

Andre HarrisEdit

Andre's a good musician. He composed for one of my dances.

Beck OliverEdit

He's kinda hot, but not as hot as my beau. ;)

Cat ValentineEdit

She's way too hyper. She needs to take a chill pill.

Jade WestEdit

Jade is annoying as sh*t. She thinks she's a bad*ss, but she's just not cool.

Trina VegaEdit

Oh my god. What an annoying, talentless snot. She thinks she can fit in with us A-listers but she so can not.

Cassandra WallaceEdit

Cassie is my best friend.

Patrick WallaceEdit

My really hot boyfriend. He's Cassie's brother, and he's two years older than us, so it's kinda of a best friend's brother situation. He rocks. And he is mine. Be jelly. :)

Caitlyn CarmichaelEdit

She seems like a goody two shoes, but she's really annoying.

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