Sehun Choi
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Sehun Kyungsoo Choi
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: October 15th 1996
Height: 5'11"
Weight: lolidk
Address: I honestly don't know
Occupation(s): Dancer, singer, and actor, student, Game Stop employee (every time I go to work I feel like I' dying inside)
Aliases: Sehunnie
Family & Friends
Family: Minhyuk Choi (father), Na-mi Choi (mother), Bo-mi (little sister)
Friends: Sunny Kang (best friend), Su-Jin Kang (by default, kind of)
Relationships: lol
Enemies: None
Other Information
Interests: Dancing, singing, acting, umm, and I like tv, a lot, yeah.
Education: Hollywood Arts High School
Talent: Dancing, singing, and acting.
Weaknesses: Um...idk
Series Information
First appearance: Idk
Last appearance: Idk
Portrayer: Lee Taemin <33. Saranghae oppa. NOTE: If you use any of my infoboxes, please credit me, thank you.

Her Whisper Is The Lucifer – Child of Minhyuk and Na-mi Choi
– Singer, dancer, actor

 – A sound soul; dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body

Hi, I'm Sehun. Yeah. I'm from Korea too lol. Ugh Gangnam Style is like, everywhere there it's so annoying.

Appearance Edit

  • Hair Color: Currently brown...I had this awful stage where I dyed it blonde just..eugh. I was going through a lot of stuff okay just, bad call, really bad call.
  • Eye Color: brown lololo
  • Trademark: well in korea I was known for having really awesmoe aegyo but then I met sunny and she was like, "lol betch i ish da queen of aegyo", so now idk

My hair is, eh. Like, it's longish, and brown, and, I like it..a lot. I've never gone like, really short before. I did however, go through a few stages, where I dyed my hair blonde, *shivers*, and where I grew it like, really long. Yeah it was cool. I felt like I had just stepped out of an anime, yep.

I wear skinny jeans, and..shirts, and yeah. I like hoodies, and jackets, what was I talking about again? xD.

History Edit

NO MORE SHAKING LIKE THAT. I don't even like that song what sunny did you do this, they're just another annoying boyband

Lol okay no but seriously. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, at 11:34 am, I don't remember what day it was, but, I remember having fun lolidk. I started school when I was 6. I hated it. I still hate it. School sucks man. Umm, I met Sunny in the second grade, yeah, she's kind of a bad influence. Um, she moved away when she was 14, so...yeah. I was pretty much in school, all day. In South korea, you're in school from 7:00 am, to around 11:00 pm at night. It sucks, don't go to school in South Korea, you'll just hate everyone.

Everyone there sucks. The media sucks. the shows suck. The clothes suck. Just, ugh I never want to go back. All of my classmates sucked, my teachers sucked. The food was weird. Please never make me go back it sucks just ugh. In S. Korea, you're in school from 7:00 am, to about 11:00 pm, yeah I'm serious. I could have just said that my life sucked xD. I like America though. It's a nice change.

Personality Edit

I'm um..idk i'm nice,, i guess xD. Well, I'm not really the fun one, Sunny's the fun one, and I'm the one that kind of follows her, because I have nothing better to do. Ummm, I'm really calm, which, you kind of have to be if you know Sunny. I really like penguins.

Gallery Edit

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