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Se-na Mi Ho Hong
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General Information
Gender: Guurrrlll
Age: 15
Hair Color: Black, brown or reddish brown
Eye Color: Dark brown
Birthday: December 5 1997
Height: I'm not that tall.
Address: narniaaa
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Sena, Mi, Miho
Family & Friends
Family: Park-Ha Hong (mom), Siwon Hong (dad)
Friends: Yet.
Relationships: Its a long story, I meant its complicated.
Enemies: idk
Other Information
Interests: Usual. Chocolates, performing arts, chocolates, books, chocolates, internet, chocolates. Oh and chocolates :)
Education: Here
Talent: Acting
Weaknesses: When someone steals mah candies :o
Role-playing Information
First appearance: When everything was created
Last appearance: NU.
Portrayer: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
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Bad For Me ♥ – Child of Martians. xD xD
– I wore red cause you like that. You’re like hey, let me get that. But when I text, you don’t text back, no you didn’t cause you didn’t care.

 – Like he’s the melody and she’s background noise. Baby, why can't you see? Fells so good, you're so bad for me



  • Hair Color: Black or brown or reddish brown
  • Eye Color: Dark brown, it almost looks black.
  • Trademark: idk and idc

Idk why I'm telling you this but, whatever. Before when I was younger, I used to have shorter hair and I wore fake glasses just to seem idk cute or whatever. Everyone picked on me and like grrr.. >:( So yeaaah. Anyways years passed, I finally stopped wearing the glasses and my hair grew longer so I had a hair cut, and I also started coloring my hair. omg why am i telling you people dis??

Lets move on to the present time. Tralalalala. I don't really dress up, like I dress in whatever I have in my closet and viola!

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Top, me and Shawn :(


Park-Ha HongEdit

Everytime she talks to me, I'm all 'bitch please, i'm fabulous'. Yeaah, she gets pissed off easily. To sum things up, I freaking hate her.

Siwon HongEdit

He isn't into this whole 'performing arts' thing, but he was nice enough to let me audition and still give me allowance.


I lived in Thailand until I was 5. But my mom was all "why don't we move to another country?". So that's how it happened, we moved to LA as soon as possible, it was hard adjusting cuz no one from here is from Thailand D: and its really awkward. I went back to Thailand for 2 years and came back here. Then my parents enrolled me in to a normal school, but I heard a performing arts school from some girls there. So I like listened to them and they mentioned something about Hollywood Arts High School. I forced my parents to let my join, my mom didn't want me to, but thank god dad did. So I auditioned, so here I am.


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My mom says I have a personality disorder but I never really listen to her. I think it was schizoid personality disorder and avoidant personality disorder, I never really listened to what it means but she mentioned me being anti-social and being too sensitive or something. But technically I'm really nice, too nice as my mom says. But sometimes, I might just ignore you. I'm starting to think I am anti-social -.-


  • I have a personality disorder. D:
  • I use memes to annoy people.
  • Even though I don't show it much. I'm kinda perverted.
  • I'm Asian.
  • I'm from Thailand. Not Korea.
  • When I eat chocolates or candies, I get high or something.

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