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sadness is my boyfriend. ♥ -Child of Jae and Chun Hei Choi
-We're all a little weird, and life's a little weird. But when we meet someone who's weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

 - I'm your Venus, I like it, let's go with this feeling.

Hi. I'm Sara.
Sara Lee Tae Ran Choi
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Depends
Eye Color: Dark brown
Birthday: September 20, 1995
Height: 5'6
Weight: 98 lbs.
Address: That's a bit personal, isn't it?
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: N/A
Family & Friends
Family: Chun Hei Choi (mother)

Jae Choi (father)
Mi-Yung Choi (sister)

Friends: lolol
Relationships: Not for me
Enemies: lolol
Other Information
Interests: Writing, reading, music, school subjects
Education: Hollywood Arts High School
Talent: Writing
excellent in academics
Weaknesses: Those are for me to know
Series Information
Portrayer: Yoo Ara <3.


  • Hair Color: Black/brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: What? .-.

To be honest, I'm not into fashion or clothes much. I am completely against makeup and accessories, unless lightly used. Some people think I'm pretty, but ehhh, not really. I usually leave my hair down and it gets kind of tangled but TBH, IDGAF.

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Jae ChoiEdit

Daaad. He's really nice, and even though he was against my dream at first, he grew to support it, to some extent. .-. But, he's still my father, and I will always love him no matter what, even if I hate most other people.

Chun Hei ChoiEdit

Mom. She's nice, I guess. But we're not close, and she's kind of a control freak. Otherwise I don't really care about her. We never talk, and when we do, she's mostly judging me.

Mi-Yung ChoiEdit

Mi is my little sister (by 13 months) and I love her to death. She's my best friend, and I can tell her anything.


Let's say this. I have a 4.0 GP, so I am extremely smart. Don't judge me, sweetheart. I'm very studious. Studying is my thing. But that's not the main part of me, mmmkay. I'm also kind of mean. I'm straightforward, and we can not be friends if you spell things wrong or have bad grammar. Got that right? We probably can't even be friends. Eh, I don't even care. But I can be nice, I promise. If you're my friend, I'll be sweet. But not too sweet. Because totally sweet isn't my thing. If you're not my friend, your loss. You're missing out on so much awesomeness. And yes, I am straight. But not a homophobe. I have religious beliefs. I have beliefs in general. Now shut up.


I was born in Seoul, South Korea. When I was about 5, I moved to the Philippines. I moved back to Korea when I was eleven, and America when I was thirteen. I'm not telling you what cities because that's creepy, okay?
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I had always been pretty smart. My family isn't really crazy about stuff like that, but I was. I was obsessed with having good grades on everything. But performing was more important to me. Just kidding, it isn't. I mean, singing and dancing is my life and I love it to death, but education is a bit more my thing some people even say i only got in here because i got good grades anyway.

When I was fifteen, my dad saw an advertisement for this school. Or was it my mom? I don't even remember. But I don't really care either. I sent a tape of me acting it wasn't good quality and i was kinda on my bed the whole time and I sent my report card as well. The old principal accepted me. it was my grades wasn't it?

After I got in, much hasn't changed. My sister and I pretty much came here at the same time, and I still DGAF about most things besides school and dancing. But some things never change.


Ana LimEdit

She's nice. And cool. Sure, she doesn't have the best grammar.. or IQ, but I can stand her. She's one of my only friends, I guess. But I don't care because friends are stupid.


  • I miss Korea.
  • My favorite color is crimson/blood red.
  • I hate chocolate, ice cream, and all sugary things.
  • When I was a little kid, I had friends like you people do.
  • I'm not awkward, just unlikable.
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  • I don't like K-Pop. But Hello Venus is okay.
  • Sometimes I wish I was Ara and not myself okay.
  • I miss Korea still.
  • My favorite school subject is all of them.
  • I hate when people yell. STFU.
  • I absolutely despise bad grammar and spelling and no punctuation and typos.
  • I hate Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Both sucked in so many ways.
  • I believe that watching TV shows are a waste of time.
  • I hate when people say "I hate school."
  • If you disagree with any of my opinions, IDGAF.
  • I also miss Korea.


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