Saira Shah
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

Saira Shah
Mrs Shah
General Information
Gender: Female...what else?
Age: 29
Hair Color: Black, brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: July, 1
Height: 5'9
Weight: Is that your business?
Address: ^
Occupation(s): Dance teacher. I teach two dance classes and one big advanced dance class.
Aliases: Ms. S
Family & Friends
Family: Rachel Shah
Dhan'ya Shah
Friends: None of my students business
Relationships: What, you think it's any different from what I last said?
Enemies: That'd be inappropriate to say.
Other Information
Interests: Dancing, modern dance, ballet, contemporary, bollywood, international food, international culture
Education: New York University (graduate)
Santa Clara University (currently taking classes)
Talent: Dancing
Weaknesses: When you dance, you can only get better and that is your strength. A dancer is never weak.
Role-playing Information
First appearance: 29 years ago
Portrayer: ShorRoss44

Ms Shah

Saira Shah – Child of Rachel and Dhan'ya Shah
– I am the dance teacher of Room 423. When you dance you can only get better. Take advantage of it.

 – Fly to who you are.

As many of you may know, I recently have gotten married. I am going to have a baby and I am no longer going to be your dance teacher. It's been great having the opportunity to teach such a talented group of kids!

OCC: She's getting married then is gonna have a baby. She may or may not come back. There's not a good chance. Anyone can take her FC. If she comes back I'll replace her's.

Hola. Namastē. Kumusta. Hello. I am Saira Shah, but you can call me Ms. Shah. No exceptions. I am a dance teacher here at Hollywood Arts.


Hair Colour: Black/brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Trademark: My smile and remarkable bouncy hair


Rachel ShahEdit

My mom is awesome. She is where I got my dance style from. I often will quote her in class.

Dhan'ya ShahEdit

My father is a good man.

Juav ShahEdit

My younger brother. :)


You must know my history? Fine. I was born in America. I'm very mixed. A part Indian, a part Filipino, and a part Puerto Rican. I've been dancing ever since I was 6 years old. I loved it from the beginning. I started with ballet. I went into competition dance when I was 10. I learned a lot more dance styles and learned a lot more about dance. I quit competition dance at age 15 and went on to learn more
about ballet, as well as teach dance with my dance teacher to a young group. I went to New York University and majored in dance. I graduated and stayed in New York, sadly away from my family who lived in California. I recently moved back to my hometown and now I'm working here. Now you know more about me. Happy?


I am nice, encouraging, and a fun teacher but I am also strict. I do not deal with foolishness. Keep up if I ask you to join the advanced class.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

I hope the students like me. If not, oh well.

Andre HarrisEdit

He's a very nice young man. He helped me find my classroom and he did not hit on me.

Beck OliverEdit

I do not know the boy.

Cat ValentineEdit

Cat, you are not a dancer.

Jade WestEdit

Jade, don't come back in my room again.

Robbie ShapiroEdit

I had to tell him my age and teacher ID to get him away from me.

Tori VegaEdit

I don't know Tori.

Trina VegaEdit

She's in my dance class.....

Other PeopleEdit

I have only been at this school for a few days. Let me see how I like these people first.


  • I like to travel all around the world. I've been many places.
  • I like to learn about different cultures. I have many cultures in my family, so it is very interesting to me.
  • Due to my interest in world cultures and places outside the US, I like to do a lot of cultural and spiritual dances. If you are in my advanced dance class, we will do a lot.
  • I am not in college, I am not 18, I am 29, a college graduate. I often get asked this.
  • I'm not a student.
  • I look nothing like that girl from the Nickelodeon channel. She's maybe 14, I'm 29.
  • I am in a relationship so please don't ask me about that, not that it's your business anyway.
  • I am a fan of coffee, vegetables, fruit, muffins, and pastries. And I love breakfast food. The one problem I had with college, it tried to break me apart from my relationship with breakfast.

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