Besides roleplaying on character pages, you can also roleplay in roleplaying locations with word bubbles just as you do on character pages!

All locations should be categorized with the category "Locations", of course.

Hollywood Arts LocationsEdit

These are some locations on the Hollywood Arts campus that have already been created. There, you can have your character(s) interact with other students at school.

Character's HousesEdit

Houses of characters are another fun place to roleplay. Each roleplayer should create and maintain his/her own character's home.

Making your character's houseEdit

Create a new page titled [YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME]'s House.

Since this is your own character's house, you are entitled to include whatever information you would like on the page, but here's a good template to put at the top of your page.

|character=The name of the character(s) who live(s) in this house
|address=The address of the character(s)
|image=The file name of the image you would like to use for your house (eg. House.jpg)

You can feel free to add family members and rooms to your house as you wish.