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It's Reggie -Child of Deceased Parents
-Got my heart beating fast,it's cardiac arrest

 - Get a watch,bitch

Regina Thompson
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black(Dark Brown)
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: February 1st
Height: Do it matter?
Weight: Okay that's just creepy
Occupation(s): Rapper,Singer
Aliases: Reggie
Family & Friends
Family: My Grandma,the rest either dead or I dunno
Friends: Comment if you wanna hang
Relationships: Same above
Pet(s): Rabbit named Cocoa
Enemies: You got a prob with me,let me know so I can knock yo ass smooth out.
Other Information
Interests: Rapping,Singing,Chilling with my friends.
Education: H.A.
Talent: Rapper,Singer.
Weaknesses: Grandma,Bunny Cocoa,Besties.
Role-playing Information
First appearance: When you see me
Last appearance: When you don't
Portrayer: VideoVixen123 and her wifey Leigh-Anne Pinnock


Hair Color:Black

Eye Color: Brown.



Grandma-Since my parents died in a car accident,my grandma took me in and raised me when I was in kindergarten.She is a kind a wise spirit and I love her to death.But my rap career,she is not so supportive of.She thinks I'll become apart of the illuminati or something.But I swear,I'm not.Still love her though


Got a bunny named Cocoa,I call her my baby,cause she really is.It may surprise you that I like something like bunnies,especially since I'm so tough.But hey,we all got a soft side.


So I was born on February 1st to Candi and Roger Thompson. We lived in the projects of NY, until I was five, when we moved to L.A. to be close to my grandma. About 3 months after that,my parents got in a fatal car crash and died on impact. My grandma took in me, raised me well, and taught me to not let anyone bring me down. So anyways, as I got older, I got into music, especially rap. Some of my inspirations were Lil Kim and Eminem. I got really good, but my grandma didn't approve at first. But she told me since I was passionate about that I should just do my thing. So 7 years later,I came home form the worst high school in L.A. ,tom find my grandma telling me about H.A. So of course, I took her advice and auditioned. So as you can tell, I got in.


As you can probably tell by now,I am not your average girl.I'm not really a tomboy,I lose my temper often if you rub me the wrong way,and if you don't,I'm nice.I just self defense a lot,I don't intend to actually hurt anyone(unless you act like you want me to). So,if I have offended you before in the past,sorry.


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