Rachelle Carla Redford has moved houses.
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Rachelle and Chase Redford's House

NOTE: This is a roleplaying location and you may start a new RP in the comments below. Have fun!

Rachelle and Chase's House is located at 431 North Knoll Drive, Los Angeles, CA.
Rachelle and Chase live here with their mother, step-father and two half-sisters.

Welcome to the Redford/Grant household! Click a tab to see the residents of this house.

Maria Leann Grant

The mother of Chase, Rachelle, Kayla and Marie. Widow of Carlos Redford and current wife of Clayton.


Clayton Phillip Grant

The father of Kayla and Marie, step-father of Chase and Rachelle and husband of Maria.

Chase James Redford

Son of Maria and Carlos Redford. Fiance of Alexis Fielding. Brother of Rachelle. Half-brother of Kayla and Marie. Step-son of Clayton. He works as a music teacher at Hollywood Arts High School.

Chase James Redford

Rachelle Carla Redford

Daughter of Maria and Carlos Redford. Sister of Chase. Half-sister of Kayla and Marie. Step-daughter of Clayton. She is a student at Hollywood Arts High School and can sing, act, play guitar and keyboard.


Kayla Phyllis Grant

Daughter of Maria and Clayton. Twin sister of Marie. Half-sister of Chase and Rachelle.


Marie Ann Grant

Daughter of Maria and Clayton. Twin sister of Kayla. Half-sister of Chase and Rachelle.


Alexis Fielding

Fiance of Chase.

Chase and Alexis

Toto Redford

Rachelle's puppy.


So here's my house. Open the door and we'll get started on the whole tour thing.


The Foyer.

So this is pretty much what you'll see when you walk in our house. On the right is the garage, and on the left is the rest of the house.


The Garage.

So here is our garage, and that's mamma's car there. I don't know what happened to Chase's or Clayton's. Anyway, that's boring, so let's go back to the foyer and see what's on the other side.


The Den

So first up on this side of the house is our den, which is pretty much Clayton's money wasting room, where he bought all this fancy furniture which no one uses, just to fill space.


The Kitchen

This is where the magic of mamma's cooking happens. It's also where you're likely to find Chase when he's at home.


The Dining Room

So we're going to walk past here, and down to the end of the hallway, until we get to here. This is where we eat, when we have family meals, otherwise we'll just eat at the counter in the kitchen.


Chase's Bedroom

So now we go back up the hallway a bit, and past the stairs until you get to a door. This is my brother's room, and for a lot of you, your teacher's room. There you go. Have fun with those awkward conversations.


My Parents' Room

This is my mum and dad's room. Where they sleep. Okay, let's get out before mum kills me.


Our games room.

, where I'll usually hangout with dad and play on my Gamesphere or pool. We also play poker at the pool table sometimes when we have friends over.


Our verandah.

This is pretty much my entire backyard, because my house is on a hill. It's just outside of the games room. It's an awesome view, and when I feel like going outside, it's great for inspiration.


Well that's my house.