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Hi guys! Piper here which I bet you already knew. I haven't been to The Slap in a while, but I'm back now. Lately I'm been noticing a lot of blogs popping up. So, why shouldn't I have a blog? Anywho, it's April 1st. Which we all know means April Fools Day. Well this morning my sister Opal decided to pull a prank on me. Now in the morning, i'm not the brightest one in the bunch, and I'm usually very, what's the word, gullible. Seriously, if you blind fold me and tell me it's a slice of cake, I'll probably believe you. Anyway, for some reason, she decided to to fill all of my hats with whip cream. So, as I was getting dressed, I grabbed for my fedora,and WHAM! I got a head full of whip cream. I asked her why she did this, and she told me it was national whipped cream day. So, for some reason, I believed her. I only realized that it was April Fools day when I got to school, when a bunch of people started laughing at me. I'll get you back Opal, not do day of course, but soon. Watch out.


Hello citizens of the world. By the title, I'm sure you've guessed pretty much what this blog will be about. First I'd like so say that I'm sick of everyone bashing Twilight. Sure they sparkle, and thy're kinda emo, and sometimes annoying. So what? Some people still like it. Like yours truly. Which is why I would like to make a blog listing 10 things I love about Twilight. Enjoy.
  • I love loving stuff people hate. It's just fun. Like when they try to explain to you why you should hate it, and you're like "That's exactly why I love it. Thank you for understanding". You just get a warm feeling inside. </li> </li>
  • It let's me show my girl side. Like, I don't always get to fangirl over hot Werewovles, and Vampires. Sometimes it's just nice. </li> </li>
  • They sparkle. Well okay, I can't justify this, it is pretty annoying. Like dude, Vampires don't sparkle. Why make them sparkle? Just, </li> </li>
  • It's an interesting story of love, emo Vampire teenagers, emo teenagers, and uh.. love triangles. </li> </li>
  • They have nice clothes....and uh.....nice's all fluffy.. ​ Okay, so as you can see, it's pretty hard to write a list of everything I love about Twilight. The point is that everyone should just stop hating, and start not-caring. Wait, okay, I'm not sure if that's he best thing to do but whatever. Anyways Piper out, PEACE! Until next time. </li></li>
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