Phoebe Kaitlin Adams has left HA.
and this page has been archived. sorry.

I'm gonna go right ahead and tell you some stuff I hate. I mean, it's not like you can do anything to change that, anyway. So. Here they are.
  1. I hate duck-faced b*tches. [Excuse my language, but that's how I feel.] They think they're so pretty with their kissy faces. They're not.
  2. I hate Edward Cullen. Vampires don't sparkle. He has ruined the race that Dracula has established by being a disco ball.
  3. I hate it when someone steals something that they've worked hard on. It's just not fair when someone gets the credit of something he/she didn't do.
  4. I hate it when the people with the easily lives are the ones to complain about it. It seems unfair that they don't finish their meals because "it's gross" while people in Africa are starving.
  5. I hate it when people get mad at me when I'm sarcastic when they ask their stupid questions. Isn't it obvious that I washed my hair because it's wet? What did you expect, my hair got wet because I dived into the toilet?!?
Yeah, that's it for now.

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