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I don't really know if this will be a source of entertainment for you guys, but here is the list of little pranks I pulled on April 1st.
  1. Switched the handle on the fridge on the side that doesn't open.
  2. I placed a "House for Sale" ad on the newspaper for my neighbor's house.
  3. Filled someone's [who knows who owns it?] hair dryer with powder.
  4. Hid an alarm clock in my cousin's bed and set it for 3:00 AM.
  5. Placed an ad on a newspaper for a garage sale in my neighbor's house starting at 6:00 AM.
  6. Superglued the tops of someone's [I still don't know who owns it] shampoo.
  7. This last one got me in trouble: A policeman pulled me over and asked how fast I was driving my car. And I said, "You should know a**hole, you were the one who pulled me over."
And that's pretty much it. I'm sorry to those I pranked yesterday, and I'm not even sorry for talking back to that cop.

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