Shine bright like a diamond -Child of The Calders
-Student, Singer

 - Come fill my glass up a little more

Hello children.I am an alien.Slechk na ja boop
Nicole Calder
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: March 9th,1995
Height: No
Weight: Hell No!
Address: No frickin way okay
Occupation(s): Comedian,Student
Aliases: Nicki
Family & Friends
Family: Two parents,and annoying brother
Friends: Waiting :)
Relationships: forever alone
Pet(s): Nah,allergies.
Enemies: Please everyone's gonna love me
Other Information
Interests: Making people laugh,shopping,being loud.
Education: H.A.
Talent: Comedian
Weaknesses: Actually I think I'm pretty strong
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Now you see me
Last appearance: Now you don't
Portrayer: Eleanor Calder


  • Hair Color:Brown
  • Eye Color:Green
  • Trademark:Humor

I'm sexy.Can't cha tell?People tell me I should be a model,like my mom,cause I'm skinny and gots thigh gap.But I trying to gain weight so I can have boobs and and butt.So if you know any fatty foods,hit me up,kay?

Family Edit

Louis Calder-Edit

My Daddy!He's like a 5 year old kid,he even argues with me over silly stuff,jokingly of course.He's seriously the best daddy ever.

Danielle Calder-Edit

She used to be a international model,but quit when she got pregnant with us.She's very sweet,and does not not eat as most models do.In fact, she's gained at least 40 pounds from when she first quit modeling over the years.Oh gosh,I shouldn't have said that lolololol

Nick Calder-Edit

My twin,who I happen to hate. Well not really,but he's like so weird it's so annoying.Like who posts a picture of corn and then captions it 'I was gonna make a joke,but it was really corny.' -.-

Personality Edit

People say I'm sweet and nice, but I like to think of myself as your queen a funny person.I like to sit in my room and come up with ways to make people laugh and annoy Nick ,eat, sleep , and I'm working my acting skills.Also I drink a lot of Starbucks.

History Edit

So I moved here from Seattle about 2 years ago, and one of our neighbors' told us about H.A. But since I had kept forgetting about applying, it took us two years to audition, and we got in.Yey.

Trivia Edit

  • My ringtone is Jealous by Jasmine Villegas
  • I ship myself with chocolate chip cookies. Maybe I should find a boyfriend
  • 20.That's how many text messages I get a day.But I only receive 2 times more...
  • My favorite animal is the flamingo, cause it's sassy.
  • My ex was a male model, but that's totally not important now.


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