Nellie Evans
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

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Nellie DeAsia Evans
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General Information
Gender: Femalee.
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green and brown
Birthday: October 20, 1996
Height: I don't measure myself
Weight: I don't weigh myself.
Address: Last time I checked, I don't give my address out to strangers.
Occupation(s): Photographer
Aliases: Nell, Ellie
Family & Friends
Family: Alex Evans (Mom), Alice Evans (Sister), Belle Evans (Niece)
Friends: IDGAF
Relationships: NO ONE :)
Enemies: i hate almost everyone
Other Information
Interests: Horror movies, Photography.
Education: Hollywood Arts.
Talent: Photography
Weaknesses: Acting
Series Information
First appearance: .
Last appearance: .
Portrayer: Mila Kunis. and credit to Audrey for the infobox. :D
Heyyy, I'm Nellie. Read on. unlessihateyou


  • Hair Color: PURPLE.
  • Eye Color: Brown and green.
  • Trademark: Eyes.

I wear clothes. I wear makeup. I have contacts. Nothing much to it.


Alex EvansEdit

She's nice. I could live without her bickering, though.

Alice EvansEdit

My older sis. She's 17. She has a baby named Belle, idkthefatherdoe.

Belle EvansEdit

She's cute, I guess.




I guess I'm nice. I can be mean sometimes though, but not because you 'ticked me off.'

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

I don't know these people.

Other PeopleEdit

...They both left. 


  • I have Heterochromia iridum.
  • I'm not planning to get married 'till I'm 94.
  • I never go to detention if I don't want to. For example, this random teacher gave me detention for saying "ROFL." I didn't go. Now, if it's for a good reason, and my mom forces me to, I might go.
  • I'm a BAMF. (Badass motherfucker)
  • I'm a conservative republican.


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