Najika Lee
General Information
Gender: I'm pretty sure I'm a girl.
Age: 15
Hair Color: Brown or like a caramel brown.
Eye Color: Brown,dark brown
Birthday: April 25,1997
Height: I honestly don't know.
Weight: Why...?
Address: A house with Brenda
Occupation(s): Singer,actress,and cooker.
Aliases: Najika chan,Kaia, Nina, and Jumpy.
Family & Friends
Family: Joey Lee,Kayla Lee,and Brenda Lee.
Friends: Humans
Relationships: N/A
Pet(s): None
Enemies: Jade West and Jenny Chong
Other Information
Interests: Cooking and making people smile with or without food.
Education: Hollywood Arts High School.
Talent: Acting and singing
Weaknesses: Sad things.
Role-playing Information
Portrayer: Comedypug4


Hair Colour:Dark brown or caramel brown.

Eye Colour:Brown, dark brown.

Trademark:My sense of taste, don't ask about it.

I used to put my hair in pigtails when I was younger, but I don't do it that much anymore. I still do,every once in awhile. I wear like casual clothes and stuff. I'm like really girly, so prepare to get girly-fied. Haha


My parentsEdit

My parents are Fujita Lee and Kim Lee. My dad(Fujita)was a famous chef in Japan.Every now and then he would make cream puffs shaped like a banana filled with banana cream. Ah, good memories. My mom(Kim) was also a famous chef in Japan. She would always make different desserts like strawberry shortcake or flan. Man,I miss them so much.

Joey, Kayla, and Brenda Lee.Edit

Joey Lee is my uncle, Kayla Lee is my aunt, and Brenda Lee is my cousin/best friend. Uncle Joey is my dad's brother. He is an author and stuff. His books are really popular so, that's good. Aunt Kayla is a famous actress. She always helps Brenda and I with auditions. Perhaps, you heard of her? Brenda is my cousin and BEST FRIEND<3!! Ever since I moved to California she's been helping me with my english...kinda. I love her so much <3


I was born on April 25,1997 to Kang-Dae Lee and Naori Lee in Tokyo, Japan. When my parents were on their way to a cooking competition, they got in a car accident, and well died. They died the before my bday. I was 6 that time. So I was sent to an orphanage in Hokkaido.

I went to a school in Tokyo called Seika Academy. When I was about 14, Brenda's parents adopted me and brought me to California. Then I auditioned for HA and, well, got in.


I'm always happy, cheerful,or energetic, but most of the time I'M ALL OF THEM. Lol, I always look on the bright of things, I don't know why. I guess I was born this way.Haha get it? From the song Born This Way by Lady Gaga? Yeah, I know corny joke ^.^'

I'm always hyper and jumpy, for some reason can get on people's nerves. I always make people smile with or without food for some reason. Some people think I'm... well, not that smart.I don't know, it's just that I don't get all things. Also, at times I can be sometimes clusmy. I can also be sensitive, so be careful what you say or do around me. I'm ALWAYS hungry xD. Like, I can never stop eating. So I always carry food with me or money just in case I can't bring food where I am.

Relationships with other studentsEdit

Tori VegaEdit

She's really nice, but sometimes, she like tries too hard.

Trina VegaEdit

She's so weird and talentless. And she keeps telling me to make cake for her.

Cat ValentineEdit

Cat. Omg. She is the sweetest thing on earth! She reminds me of hi-chew.

Andre HarrisEdit

He's really helpful. And funny.

Jade WestEdit

She ripped my "Welcome to HA!" paper and my class schedule, just 'cause I accidentally bumped into her. And she said, "Ugh. More of you dumb asians." Which was really mean.

Robbie SharpioEdit

He's so random. And when he's around me he always shy. His puppet, Rex, keeps hitting on me. I didn't really care at first, now it's getting annoying. xP

Beck OliverEdit

He's calm and quiet. And so laid-back.

Sinjin Van CleefEdit

He always sniffs my hair. He always says it smells like California Rolls. Does my hair smell like California Rolls? *Sniffs Hair* It doesn't smell like California Rolls. It smells like flan! XD

Other PeopleEdit

Best FriendsEdit

Brenda Lee, Jackie Garcia, Sunny Kang, and Cat Valentine.

Good FriendsEdit

Hana Cho, Kai Ping, Tori Vega, Stephan Mitchell, Andre Harris, Robbie Sharpiro, and Beck Oliver.


Yuri Seo


Jade West and Jenny Chong


  • I can make like over 50 kinds of food.
  • I can eat all day.
  • I always carry food around me.
  • I need to stop talking about food. xD
  • I love 2ne1, SNSD, BIGBANG, The Wonder Girls, and Shinee.
  • Sandara Park is one of my favorite singers. A lot of ppl say I look like her.
  • I've been to Korea like when I was 5 1/2.
  • I'm an otaku.
  • Even though it's kind of an old show, I LOVE That 70's Show!
  • I can speak Japanese and Korean fluently.


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