Mrs. Thomas' Classroom

Welcome to my classroom! I hope you have a swell time. Here, I teach theatre, and what you do to be sucessful in theatre. We will funraise money to go to a broadway show, chosen by students.

Fun ActivitiesEdit

Fun Activities
  • Popular shows- In this game, I will play a small clip of a scene from a popular show, and you will have to guess the show. So get your video watching skills ready! :)
  • Improvisation Starters- This is very important, seeing as many theatre/broaday people use improv. I will give you a situation, and then you improv it out. :)
  • Affect the Player- The players divide into pairs. Each player is directed to elicit a specifi c feeling or set of feelings from his or her partner, but neither player is aware of the objective of the other (e.g., Player A makes Partner B feel confused, Player B makes Partner A feel elated). Players may be directed to elicit two different emotions from their partner. This exercise is most often done without talking, although actions, sounds, or gibberish may be used. The players are instructed to strongly and actively pursue their objective, while allowing themselves to be affected by the actions of their partner.
  • Do You Love Your Neighbor?- Now, this is just a fun game if everyone is good.

Purpose: Aids with focus as the students must pay attention. It encourages action and helps to acquaint the students with each other.

a) Arrange chairs in a circle; one chair per person playing, minus one.

b) One person stands in the middle of the circle and approaches a person sitting in the circle and asks: "Do you love your neighbor?"

c) If that person answers: "Yes, I love my neighbor," the two people sitting on either side of him/her, quickly tries to exchange seats before the person in the middle sits in one of their chairs.

d) If they answer "No," they continue with, example: "But, I love everyone who has brown eyes". Everyone in the circle with brown eyes finds a new chair.


• Suji
• Jackie
• Finn
• Ashton
• Ari
• Sulli
• Hannah
• Nellie
• Brenda
• Karli
• Kelly
• Derek
• Ye-Eun
• Cam
• Aubrey
• Aurora
• Lacy
• Emily
• Hana
• Naeun

2nd Period
• Kang-Dae
• Jenny
• Vanessa
• Krystal
• Sehun
• Mi-Yung
• Michael
• Jiyeon
• Camille
• Blair
• Najika
• Kai
• Sam
• Sunny
• Gwen
• Bianca
• Hara
• Taylor

  • I will pair everyone up again once more, and they will sing a duet from a broadway shows. Pairings will be determined later.</div>

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