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It's Mercedes ;)
General Information
Gender: I'm a girk.
Age: 16
Hair Color: Blondee
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Birthday: October 28, 1996
Height: 5'5"
Weight:  ?
Address: I live in a Spanish Villa.
Occupation(s): Singer, dancer.
Aliases: Don't have one.
Family & Friends
Family: Uncle, Aunt, a drunk mom who abandoned me, and a dad left me.
Friends: I don't know anyone here.
Relationships: Forever alonee.
Enemies: I have some..
Other Information
Interests: Drake ❤, motorcycles, and other stuff.
Education: The mall -.-
Talent: Singing and breakdancing/dancing.
Weaknesses: I have ADHD.
Series Information
First appearance: Birth :D
Last appearance: Death >.<
Portrayer: Rita Ora ♥ and CHOCOCAT

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Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Chocolate Brown

Trademark: My infinity ring, I always wear. Why do you wanna know what I wear?



He left me and my mom when I was a baby.


She's an alcoholic bitchy hoe. She left me with her "boyfriend" when I was in eight grade. I haven't seen her since and I'm not planning, too.


He's okay. I guess he's better than my dad, even tho I really never met my dad. He owns a car repair shop.


She's a-ma-zing. I'm really thankful to have her. She's supportive of me and yeah.


I was born in New Jersey on October 28, 1996. My dad left me and my mom, when I was like a baby.


I'm a troublemaker. I've been one ever since fourth grade. I would always get ISS or OSS and detention. A few times I got expelled. The only reason I got that is cause I would always get into fights. People would bother or annoy me. When I look at them just once, they get on my nerves. Idk, they just do.

If you get on my good side, I'm nice. Which is kinda hard to believe cause you never see me nice.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Why are you asking about seven ppl that i dont know and dont gaf about?

Other PeopleEdit

I don't know anyone :P


  • I have a Jersey accent.
  • I'm part Irish, black, Puerto Rican, and Kossovan.
  • I'm scared of heights >.<
  • I have ADHD.

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