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May Rone Wonders
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue/Gray
Birthday: January 20, 1995
Height: 5'8
Weight: 104
Address: 176 street, Los Angeles, CA
Occupation(s): Acting,singing, comedian
Aliases: May
Family & Friends
Family: Jewelle Wonders, Azure Wonders, Daniel Wonders, Justin Wonders
Friends: Check what i have to say about other people, then u will know if they are my friends or not....
Pet(s): Hamster
Enemies: What? You wanna be my enemy?
Other Information
Interests: Acting, taking pics, singing, comedy
Education: HA
Talent: Acting, singing, taking pics
Weaknesses: Annoying ppl
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Hospital, duh?
Last appearance: My death........ *sigh*
Portrayer: Sade :D

May Wonders -Child of Azure and Daniel Wonders

 - Lets Live While We Are Young ♥

You say you know me, but really you don't


Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue/Gray

Trademarks: My blonde straight hair, which i did not just make it straight js


Jewelle WondersEdit

Lol my sister :P She is like an Emily Osment look alike ;) But Em O. is betta!! ;DD Lol yea...... she is the only family member i consider a "freind." 

Azure WondersEdit

Thats my mom....I love her and she is very nice and all but she could be soo annoying sometimes when it comes to boys and all that crap....

Daniel WondersEdit

Thats my dad, he is more calm then my mom. He cares what Í do but he isnt soo crazy about it, you know what I mean. Yeah I know, its weird how my mom cares so much and my dad doesn't care as much as her. Where it's supposed to be my mom doesn't care less and my dad cares so much... but that's my family, :P.

Justin WondersEdit

That's my younger brother, he is in the 7th grade and he is very interesting, most of the time. We fight sometimes but we talk about stuff more often then fighting. I know in other familys siblings fight all day long, but we talk more often then fighting, then again.. I say our structure is like that. :P


I'm Roman, that is all I will say -_-


Your nice to me, I do the same. Your not nice to me and comment on that, you would wish you had not done that, kay?


Liam and I <3

Relationships with other studentsEdit

Andre HarrisEdit

I guess we are friends I mean, when we see each other we say hi to each other and we talk about some stuff together so yeah :P

Beck OliverEdit

I talk to him now and then and we seem to like the same acting styles... but I didn't like it when He and Jade broke up, they were a great match together, but other then that...we are good friends

Robbie ShapiroEdit

We are great friends.. :D I don't like his puppet and he doesn't go out with alot of girls but we are still great friends.. oh and I think he and Cat would make the perfect couple!

Jade WestEdit

Even though she can be mean sometimes, we are best friends! :D I love how cool she is... she has a deifferent style, personality, role and other stuff.. but she is really cool. :D

Cat ValentineEdit

I loove this Cat! :D She is so sweet, so nice, and she would make the perfect couple with Robbie, she is one of my best friends as well as Jade.

Trina VegaEdit

She is soo annoying, I mean she is so talentless, nobody likes her and she is so ugly, because she keeps rubbing it in to everyone that she is pretty, so that makes her ugly... enough said. -_- Sometimes I just wanna kill her oh wait, that's all the time. (not to be mean but she acts like a s*** sometimes)

Tori VegaEdit

We are good friends.... but I don't like it when she and Beck have something, like one time she kissed Beck in her second day in front of everybody and Jade was like :O... I hated that, plus if she started dating Beck, then I will kill her.

Other peopleEdit

Liam EdwardsEdit

My boyfriend! :]

Jewelle WondersEdit

My lil' sis ;)

Nina C. WhangEdit

She is really nice and a great friend! :)

Kina TareEdit

Ahem, wh*re

Katy RobertsEdit

She is a good friend of mine! :D


  • I look country but I am really Roman
  • like One direction but not like love
  • I love Chocolate! :D
  • I have been told I look like Taylor Swift, I kind of believe that is true
  • I do not like rude people :/
  • I am dating him.

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