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Matt Oliver
Has been kicked out for their poor attendance. You cannot RP with them anymore.

Matthew Jackson Oliver
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: March 4th
Height: 6"3
Address: 12427 Coconut LN.,Hollywood,CA
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Matt,Mad Matt
Family & Friends
Family: Beck Oliver(Brother)
Friends: Tori Vega,Beck Oliver,Mackenzie West
Relationships: Dating Mackenzie west
Pet(s): I have a dog named Buddy.
Enemies: Robbie Shapiro,Trina Vega,Rex Powers
Other Information
Interests: Soccer,Music
Education: Hollywood Arts High School
Talent: Singing
Weaknesses: Writing
Role-playing Information
Portrayer: Puppy of Pizzas

Yo I'm Matt Oliver!Feel free to look at my TheSlap Page!


I'm sometimes called a rebel, but I think thats a little bit of a exaggeration. I get mostly A's so I guess I'm smart. Mack calls me romantic, but I don't know.


Family and FriendsEdit

Beck OliverEdit

My big bro.He's awesome but sometimes I hate him.

Tori VegaEdit

She's ok, but ehh...

Andre' HarrisEdit

He is one of my best friends, but he goes nuts with his music somtimes.

Trina VegaEdit

I hate her.You don't want to hear anymore.

Jane OliverEdit

My mom. She works all the time so I don't see her much.

Harry OliverEdit

My dad. He works too.



He is my dog who is the most awesome dog in the world universe.



I have dated Mackenzie pre-k.


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