Leighton Yang
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

Leighton Astrid Yang
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Brown. But sometimes reddish/blondish.
Eye Color: Brown.
Birthday: December 31.
Height: 5'3" 1/2.
Weight: 100 lbs.
Address: That's stupid. Why would I tell you? I don't even know you.
Occupation(s): Student, singer.
Aliases: Su, Mimi, never call me either of these or i will kill you. Sumi and Jieun are fine though.
Family & Friends
Family: Kyu-Hyun Yang (father), Ji-hyun Yang (mother), YouKyung Yang (big sistar lol)
Friends: I have a list for that.
Relationships: single but ready to mingle ;) lol single, but I'm open to relationships..
Enemies: I have a list for that too.
Other Information
Interests: Singing, talking proving people wrong loljk but seriously .
Education: Hollywoord Arts.
Talent: Singing.
Weaknesses: N/A.
Series Information
First appearance: 11/16/12.
Last appearance: N/A.
Portrayer: Lee Ji-hyun (Qri). NOTE: Please credit me if you use any of my infoboxes, thank you.

Leighton Astrid ♡ – Child of Mrs. and Mr. Yang
– I know that you're gonna hate me, for saying these words right now

 – I'm sorry, here's the ending to our story. When we're close I still feel like we're worlds apart. I can't stay, cause with you baby. I'm so lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely....

Hiii, I'm Leighton. Lol my name is so weird and it doesn't fit but sdfghjkl. It's better than my middle name...which is Astrid. Wow what were my parents thinking when they named me.

Appearance Edit

  • Hair Color: Brown. Sometimes green, sometimes red, and sometimes blonde. But I love it Brown ^^.
  • Eye Color: Brown..well I think. Like, who actually spends time staring at their eyes in the mirror sdfghj. But since I'm Asian they're probably brown.
  • Trademark: Not exactly sure what that is, and even if I did know what it meant, I doubt I would know what my trademark was.

Hmm...well I really love hats, and and stripes. lolidk. Um, I usually wear circle lenses. Yeah. Just for fun. Even though my eyes are already huge. Yep. I also really love jeans, because like come on who doesn't. Ugh i am getting sick of having to put on pants everyday though >.>...

Personality Edit

I'm pretty dorky, and kind of shy, but not really. I'm just fghjkl wut. I like to pretend that I'm an ulzzang. OH AND IT REALLY ANNOYS ME WHEN PEOPLE ARE LIKE, "OH YOU'RE ASIAN YOU MUST LIKE ASIAN STUFF LIKE KPOP AND ANIME" LIKE WTF I CAN LIKE WHATEVER I WANT. Wait does that count as a part of my personality, or is that just a fact? Hmmm, oh well. Anyway, I'm pretty so talk to me mmmkay.

I'm so sorry for being super weird right then. My mom is always telling me to calm down. think you've learned enough about my personality for now, so...let's move on.

History Edit

I was born in Japan, actually. But I'm of Korean decent. But anyway, um, since Japan and Korea are pretty close, my parents decided to move there and yeah. Oh! The reason why my parents wanted to move there is because I'm from north Korea, not was pretty terrible lol. I'm surprised we made it out of the country to be completely honest. Because, you know the whole dictator thing. Not cool lol. Um, anyway, i live in Japan until i was...11, and then we moved to Canada for about 2 years, and then w moved here to the states ^w^. I really miss Japan, because it was so cool omg, but America is pretty cool too though, i guess. I've always wanted to go to South Korea, since I'm from the kind of "evil" side.


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