Kyli Nakamura
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Kyoko Li "Kyli" Nakamura
Kyli 3
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black with brown and blonde highlights
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 11/23
Height: 5'6
Weight: 92 lbs
Address: 724 Madison Street, Los Angeles, California
Occupation(s): Student, actress
Aliases: I don't really have any...
Family & Friends
Family: Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura are my parents. I'm an only child.
Friends: Anyone who isn't my enemy.
Relationships: N/A
Enemies: Anyone who doesn't wanna be my friend
Other Information
Interests: Art, acting, songwriting, singing
Education: Hollywood Arts High School
Talent: Acting (majorly), singing, songwriting
Weaknesses: Language Arts, not vomiting around Jamaican foods.
Role-playing Information
Portrayer: User:GotThatNerdySwag

Kyli 4

Kyli Nakamura -Child of Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura
-Student, actress, songwriter

 – 9:42, 3/25/12

Hey! I'm Kyli. Welcome to my page, even though it's not all that great... ._.


'Hair Colour: 'Black with brown and blonde highlights

Eye Colour: Brown

Trademark: Tee shirts with witty sayings

I recently regrew my hair. It's not short anymore.


Akikho NakamuraEdit

My dad. Big time music producer in Japan. He does a lot of to-and-from traveling between LA and Japan. So, I don't see much of him. :(

Hikaru NakamuraEdit

Mom is unemployed. Claims she's retired.


I'm Japanese-American, as you can tell by my looks and my name. I was born and raised in the same house in a district of L.A not too far from Hollywood, which explains how I attend Hollywood Arts. I used to attend a private school in Northridge, though. Long story short, I got expelled. *smirk*

Not much else to tell.


People think of me as the friendly girl who doesn't give a crap about what others think. And it's true.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Andre HarrisEdit

Andre is cool. I think we could be good friends if we talked a bit more.

Beck OliverEdit

Beck seems really nice. And good-looking, but besides the point. I'm not all that interested in him

Cat ValentineEdit

It's awesome how Cat isn't ashamed of her dyed hair. I wish my mom would let me dye MY hair that color.

Jade WestEdit

Jade scares the fudge out of me! End of story.

Robbie ShapiroEdit

I dislike Robbie because of the freaking puppet! It's like it's actually alive! O_O

Tori VegaEdit

Tori's mega-talented. She's also really nice.

Trina VegaEdit

If I had a dime for every NEGATIVE thing I had to say about Trina, I'd be filthy rich. End of story.

Other PeopleEdit

No one here.

Hollywood Arts peepsEdit

Anthony MartianoEdit

I'm always helping him with songwriting. I also give him advice about the mind of the female species. Especially after he got a girlfriend. About which, I'm TOTALLY not jealous. /lie/ Unfortunately, even though I like him, he doesn't like me back. Which sucks. :( But, I got over it

Amelia JenkinsonEdit

Amelia's a really nice girl. I'm happy I'm friends with her. ^ ^

One of my songs:Edit

Your Voice Still Lingers In My Head-A Kyli Nakamura SongEdit

I know what I still feel for you is wrong...

But I can't just stop myself..


You told me no, like a bunch of times...

But I still feel this wayyy..

Your voice still lingers in my head...

Your image permanantly branded....

Is it safe to say..

That, baby I still love you...

I still love youuu...

I know you don't feel the same..

You already have a girl in your life..

But just at least hear me out...


You told me no, like a bunch of times..

But I still feel this wayyy...

Your voice still lingers in my head...

Your image permanantly branded...

Is it safe to say..

That, baby I still love you..

I think I still love you....

What should I do about this?

My first love...crushed..

At least that's what I thought.....

Your voice, it still lingers....

In my head...

Your image, boy

Permanantly branded...

Is it safe to say..

That I still love you..~
  • Me with long hair.
  • Teddy bearr~
  • I love my leather's a good look for me!
  • Again. Back when my hair was longer.

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