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Tara Knight, Jessica Knight, Anabella Knight, and Kelsey Knight's House

NOTE: This is a roleplaying location and you may start a new RP in the comments below. Have fun!

Tara Knight, Jessica Knight, Anabella Knight, and Kelsey Knight's house is located on 7369 Jefferson Lane, Los Angeles, California.

Residents of this house

Our parents.

One of the epic daughters.

Another one of the epic daughters.

She is the bad*** sister that lives here.

Jess is another bad*** sister.

He sucks


This is the living room where we watch TV, do homework, and all that stuff.

This is the dining room, where we eat, obviously.

This is where the parents sleep. and possibly make babies idk what they do in there

This is where I sleep and do stuff you don’t have to know about. Steal anything and you’re dead. Only people I say are allowed here.

This is Kelsey’s room. Do not go in the hot tub unless she says you can or else.

Here is where one of my sisters sleeps and does other things I don’t know about.

This is another sister’s room. So many sisters.

Here is where my brother sleeps and watches TV.

A guest room for both genders.

This is where we swim and have fun. You’re only allowed with permission.

Here is where our special guests sleep. Chances are that you’re not one.

Our basement. Nothing much to it.

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