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I was bored,so I decided to write about a normal day for me,it sounds bland,but trust me,it's not.So this is how it starts:

I wake up to the sound up Priscilla blow drying her hair.I soon find myself arguing with her about how long she takes in the bathroom nad how she always makes us late.Then,I'm rushing myself in the shower because of Priscilla,I only have time for a 7 minute shower.I quickly put on my clothes and dry my hair.By the time I'm out of the bathroom,my breakfast is cold and I have to eat it in the car,but carefully because if I even spill a little food in Priscilla's car,it's World War 5.In the car,I carefully eat my breakfast while I argue with Priscilla about what station to listen to on the radio.(I wanted Punk Rock,while she wanted Pop.)As always,I have to listen to Pop music the whole hour and a half ride to school.We finally arrive at school,20 minutes late,another tardy slip *sigh* I'm 2 slips away from getting a detention.Anyways,I make it to class and everyone stares at me as I quietly slip in to class.After 2 hours,it's lunch time with my coocoo foster sister and Emily,then a few other people I'm not familar with join in,that's when I become the lonely,quiet,6th wheel.The next 4 periods are boring,but I'd rather be in boring classes than where I find myself after school,working shifts at PEF's.If there's one place in the world I hate,it's PEF's.I mean,I think the Richardsons are great people,but oh my god,why?It couldn't be a normal coffee shop or something?It has to be a greasey resturant that causes the most heart attacks in the resturant?And plus,there's a sandwhich board that has everyone famous or somebody in the family have a sandwhich named after them.Mr.Richardson asked me if I wanted to create a sandwhich for the board,but I turned down the offer,because I don't want to be known as the 'girl who created the sandwhich that gave people heart attacks'Anyway,after a long day of heart attacks and slipping in grease puddles,it's time to lock up the shop at 9:00 and walk upstairs to our awesome apartment.And finally,I find myself cuddled up with my laptop on the couch an hour before bed time,on The Slap.

And that's a normal day for me.

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