Hello, people of TheSlap. I want a decent greeting with no crazy exclamation points and chiz. So, here's what I've noticed in school lately that I hate with a burning passion.

The Jet Brew vending machine is broken or something. I just ordered a Mocha Frappe by inserting the quarter into the slot and pushing the button. The machine lights up and when I took the paper cup out, there's nothing inside. It's been two weeks since the incident and until now, it's still not fixed. Robbie, don't listen to your stupid plastic toy, and don't try to fix things that'll just get the fool out of yourself.

Floors in the hallway are sticky and wet, two geeks slipped. Jade almost looked like a figure skater when she struggled going to our next class. It must've been Sinjin, he's trying to do a project on dipping Kentucky red moss on iced tea. Apparently, the beverage spilled. Thanks a lot, Sinjin.

Hate that Trina started to survey every student in Hollywood Arts about fashion and their daily activities...for fun. You're kidding me, Vega?! Don't try and mess with our lives, will ya? Now, Tori's a bit embarrassed 'cause of you.

Do you care about my complaints? I hope not. I was listening to rock music while writing this, so yeah. Bye.

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