I suppose all of you will be emotionless as a brick when I mention April Fools Day, not to mention that Hollywood Arts doesn't care about the said holiday. Crazy teachers to dancing lobsters, there may be something behind the performing arts school's reaction to the day of pranking. That may be a rule in the school or not, you'll never expect any surprise I set up. Watch out and mark my words. Check your lockers, your lunch, your bags, or anything you possess. You have no idea what I have in store for you.
Also, I want to show a surprise, it's a gift from yours truly. But I need you to press these two on your keyboard: (OOC: Don't do it! It'll log you off.)


#ISeeWhatYouDidThere :P
Yeah, my apologies for luring you into a trap. Well, not really, April Fools! I just did that for fun, I got nothing to do so I made a blog. Which reminds me, that dancing lobster almost made me choke my fries. They squeezed my neck and threw me to the ground, it's not cool. I'm planning to sue them, but who cares, they'll get arrested anyway for student abuse. That's it. Bye!

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