Josh Adams
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

Josh Adams
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: June 27th
Height: 6'1
Weight: Thats for me to know....
Address: &60 Mirimar Lane
Occupation(s): Student, Lab Rats Stunt Double
Aliases: Dont have one....
Family & Friends
Family: Nick Adams (bro) Bree Adams (sis) Leo Adams (step bro) Jesse Adams (dad) Tasha Adams (step mom)
Friends: TBA
Relationships: NA
Enemies: TBA
Other Information
Interests: Lab Rats, Dancing
Education: HA
Talent: Acting, Dancing
Weaknesses: Getting Rejected
Role-playing Information
First appearance: When i was born
Last appearance: When I die
Portrayer: DancingIdiot


Hair Color: Blackish Brownish

Eye Color: Brown

TradeMark: Dont have one.

I wear what I feel like wearing.


Bree AdamsEdit

My little sis, Whom I might say has a big voice.

Nick AdamsEdit

Unlike Bree, he cant sing. Hes kinda nerdy though.

Leo AdamsEdit

My little odd clumsy step bro.

Jesse AdamsEdit

My dad.

Tasha AdamsEdit

My step mom.


Hes your cute little playful terrier.


Just like my brother I got into Dancing about the same time Bree did. (she made us take class with her) And I got into acting so I could be a stunt double.


Im kinda laid back. Nerdy at times. Ok I was joking about the nerdy part.

Realationships with StudentsEdit

I dont know anyone from the list I was given or whatever


  • Im a stunt double on Lab Rats




My dad


My step-mom




Cute little Blake

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