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Jonghyun Reum
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

Jonghyun Myungsoo Kangin Reum
General Information
Gender Male.
Age 14
Hair Color I dye it like everydayyy...
Eye Color Brown, just like every other Asian at this school.
Date of Birth February 28, 1998
Height Tall.
Weight I'm skinnyyy.
Address Fuck no.
Occupation(s) I don't work, I'm richhh.
Nickname(s) Jong; Jongie; Myungsoo; Myung; Kangin; Kang
Relationships with Others
Family Ha-na & Seungri Reum (parents)
Friends Probablyyy.
Romances Lol, that's like asking me if I have a weakness. xD
Pet(s) Nooo.
Enemies Most likely, I do.
Personal Information
Interests Thingssss.
School Hurhurhur, I go to Seoul Arts.
Talent(s) Fashion design, singing, dancing, acting
Weaknesses Lawl, I'm bulletproof bitches.
Role-playing Information
First Appeared 2/13/13
Portrayed by  coreyy ♔message my wall. xD  and Kim Kibum. Credits for the infobox and WB belong to ichiiago.


Her Whisper Is The Lucifer – Child of Mr. & Mrs. Reum
Neoreul cheoeum bwasseul ddae ssalbeun sungan meomchweobaryeotji. Nuga machi nae simjangeul Ggwan jwin chae nohji anhneun geotcheoreom.

 Nareul mukkgo gadundamyeon sarangdo mukkin chae. Miraedo mukkin chae keojil su eobtneunde. Ja yurogbe biweo nuh go barabwa. Ojik neoman chae ulge, neoman gadeuk chae ulge.

AYO GG. ^w^


  • Hair Colour: I dye it like everydayyy...
  • Eye Colour: Brown, just like every other Asian at this school.
  • Trademark: idk whoop

i dress flashy and shuff
that's about it so go to the next section or leave idrgaf


Ha-na ReumEdit

mother :D

Seungri ReumEdit

father :D


this ain't important so let's move on


i'll get back to you later whoop

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

i hated all of them so i erased it all

Other PeopleEdit

Caroline ChangEdit

she thinks i'm gay


  • i know i'm really girly and shuff but i'm not gay i swear
  • but i'm only 14 so how would i know

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