I seriously suck at blogging you guys. I can write anything, but a blog about myself? Impossible! This is my first time blogging - ever - so I hope you enjoy the suckiness of it.

Currently, my hands and legs and hair and clothes and well, everything are covered in paint! Austin invited me over to his house to paint his sister's bedroom to a green color. His sister is moving out now since she's about to get married, so Austin is getting her room to paint in. Well, I went over there in some old clothes of mine that I didn't mind getting dirty.

I got to Austin's house and walked upstairs to the bedroom to get to painting. He was already in there painting small strokes for the trim of the room. I told him I was there and he handed me a rolling brush thing and told me to get started on the walls.

Well, it was all boring for the longest time. Until I felt paint splash my back of course. I turned around and there was Austin with a smirk on his face. He laughed and threw paint at me again. I screamed and started attacking him with paint too! Soon enough, we were in an insane paint war! After a few minutes of this fight, I got annoyed and decided it was time for me to win. I dipped my hands in the can of paint and ran over to Austin and rubbed my hands all over his face and hair. He laughed and grabbed me and pulled me down onto the floor. I laughed and shoved him off me and grabbed the can of paint and poured it all over him. Let's just say, I won after our little fight.

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