Jaden Wright
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

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General Information
Gender Male.
Age 16
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Date of Birth October 7, 1996
Height 5'8
Weight No...
Address Umm...
Occupation(s) Cashier at Sports Academy
Nickname(s) Jay
Relationships with Others
Family Marley & Jake Wright (parents)
Friends Desirae McCallister
Romances Becca Benoit (ex-girlfriend)
Enemies Haters gonna hate.
Personal Information
Interests Skateboarding, dirtbiking, hiking, chilling, partying, performing
School HA
Talent(s) Singing, Dancing
Weaknesses Being picked on for being biracial
Role-playing Information
First Appeared 10/7/12
Portrayed by  coreyy ♔message my wall. xD  and Jacob Artist


« mr. jaden » – Child of Marley & Jake Wright
– Singer, athlete, yeah.

 – My heart's a stereo, it beats for you so listen close.

Hi. I'm Jaden, singer, athlete, dancer. Say "hi" or something. xD


Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Trademark: I don't have one.

I usually wear some Converse with my varsity jacket and some skinny jeans. That's it.


Jake WrightEdit

He's okay, but he doesn't approve of me singing and dancing.

Marley WrightEdit

I love her. She pushes me to be the best at everything I do, and I do that for her. She's the one who made me audition here.


Got into sports at 4. Began singing at 9. Started dancing at 11. Came here at 14. That's it.


I'm not your stereotypical jock. Yeah, I play sports, and wear the varsity jackets, but I'm actually a good guy. I don't hurt people, nor do they hurt me. I'm helpful, I give people guidance and assistance when they need it. That's basically it.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Andre HarrisEdit

He's seems like a level-headed guy who has his moments.

Beck OliverEdit

He needs someone to let his walls down to.

Cat ValentineEdit

She's okay, but has a few issues on the inside.

Jade WestEdit

She needs to open up.

Robbie ShapiroEdit

He needs to be himself.

Tori VegaEdit


Trina VegaEdit

I try to ignore her.

Other PeopleEdit

Desirae McCallisterEdit

Ever since her older brother was killed, she needed guidance, and I decided to be her guide.


  • I'm biracial.

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