Isabella Manatellis
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hair Color: Blonde/Brown/
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: December 22, 1998
Height: 5'5
Weight: ....
Address: Just look for a huge building!
Occupation(s): Model, actor
Aliases: Bella, Izzy
Family & Friends
Family: Ashley Manatellis (twin sister)
Josh Manatellis (dad)
Fanna Manatellis (mom)
Francessa Manatellis (little sister)
Abel Manatellis (brother)
Sarah Manatellis (older sister)
Friends: Too many! You wouldn't know them if I told you
Relationships: I've had many
Enemies: Just don't mess with me and you won't be listed
Other Information
Interests: Acting, modeling, singing
Education: Hollywood Arts High School
Talent: Acting, modeling, singing
Weaknesses: Oh, I'm afraid of heights
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Why is this even here?
Last appearance: Again ^^


Bella Manatellis! <3 – Child of Josh and Fanna Manatellis
– I'm a model, an actress, and I sing!

 – ✴ Got a diva dazzle that you just can't touch, like an angel in Armani I'm too fabulous. They'll be lining up for blocks once I bop to the top. With a poochie in my Gucci, I just can't be stopped. ✴ I love February!

Hi hi, I'm Isabella Manatellis! You can call me Bella if you'd like! I'm totally jazzed to be at Hollywood Arts!

Hi I'm Isabella Manatellis! I'm a model and an actor, not mention another rich kid part of the Manatellis family! I'm so honored to be going to Hollywood Arts!


Hair Colour: Mostly blonde but brown too

Eye Colour: Brown!

Trademark: My hair, my clothes, my face

Yeah, I'm me!


Ashley ManatellisEdit

Ashley is my twin sister! Yeah, she's! And she's totally as pretty as I am! We're both models and actors. But she can't sing, only I can!
Ashley Isabella

Josh ManatellisEdit

My dad is a fun dad!

Fanna ManatellisEdit

My mom is awesome! Shopping, every weekend!

Francesca ManatellisEdit

My little sister! She's a cutie, but is just much smarter than you'd think!


Me and Francesca!

Abel ManatellisEdit

My older brother! He's a nice guy :)

Debby ManatellisEdit

My older sister is cool! I barely see her but I love my family!


So I've been modeling ever since I was in diapers! Intimidating huh? I can act, I can sing! My sister and I only went to school in pre-school and kindergarten. Then I was home schooled. I skipped 2nd grade and now here I am, at Hollywood Arts!


Well, I'm very sweet, bubbly, and kind. A little competitive so don't cross me. And a teeny bit manipulative. And I'm also a few other things. I laugh a lot and I'm not much like my twin!

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Andre HarrisEdit

Andre is a nice guy :)

Beck OliverEdit

Beck is hot

Cat ValentineEdit

I love Cat, she's easy!

Jade WestEdit

Jade, ugh

Robbie ShapiroEdit

Robbie, nerdie, easy

Tori VegaEdit

Tori, is sweet, my BFF here at HA right now :)

Trina VegaEdit

This is why they call Hollywood Arts the school for wannabes

Other PeopleEdit

My many friendsEdit

My many friends who you don't know are awesome!

My many enemiesEdit

My many enemies who you don't know no longer exist


  • I'm a model!
  • I skipped two grades
  • I'm just a bubbly teenager!
  • I love rabbits!
  • I have a pet mouse!
  • I've dated older guys before
  • I just might be cast in an upcoming movie! If I do, I'll leave HA....let's hope for the best! :D


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