Iris Hewitt
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le person – Child of parents
– a person living

 – I don't know the time!

hai i'm iris
Iris Hewitt
General Information
Gender: Female, what does it look like?
Age: 16
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue green
Birthday: November 23rd
Height: 5'10
Weight: No, duh, course imma tell you dat
Address: no need.
Occupation(s): student
Aliases: I don't know.
Family & Friends
Family: Vivianne, Spencer
Friends: N/A
Relationships: N/A
Pet(s): None :D
Enemies: None :D
Other Information
Interests: Chocolate, parties
Education: Hollywood Arts
Talent: Singing
Weaknesses: I dun know
Role-playing Information
First appearance: 'Scuse me?
Last appearance: Le No Comprendo
Portrayer: Blake Lively :D

About my features Edit

Hair Colour: Blonde af

Eye Colour: Blue-ish green-ishhh


Le yes, this is in bold-italic. Anyways, I le style my face and hair normally, it's not the best, not the worst. Sometimes I'll dress slutty, sometimes too goody-goody, sometimes sporty, sometimes girly. It all depends. Don't depend on a certain style from me. that ain't my style

about the people i came fromEdit


My mom's pretty cool. she sometimes acts liek the mom from mean girls tho and that's really weird.


idek about him. he's pretty a-wall. he's always at workkk. bleh.

places i came fromEdit

I was born on November 23rd(3 daysss) in boca raton flo ridin at 12:44am. I weighed at 7.4 pounds with a length of 17 inches. :D now interesting stuff. :D

okays, so, i moved to oresnore when i was 12. i was devastated. i was all, "i wanna go back to flo ridin." and my mom was all, "NO BYOTCH" and i cried. then we moved to calisun when i was 13. tada.


how mean i amEdit

imma byotch le kidding. i'm pretty nice. i'd say.

omfoshizzles people talked to me even omfEdit


le chu know. we home dogs


well beak is kinda nice. he's full of himself doe. :D


kittcatt is nice. :D we luff each others like sistars.


i refuse to call her her name. it's emerald, byotch


he's spider man in disguse. ijki. :D

Tory BelachiEdit

i swear she's a byotch. hate her. :D


le trinebean is a byotch. i hate her too. :D

liek murr purple. hurr durrEdit


awww yeahz. we home dogs. he's invisible even. :D

random shuffEdit

  • i hate PIES. le suck. ewwwwww
  • liek i say le a lot.
  • i had nightmares when i was a kid about my hand being a saw that was always on and me eating. yowch.
  • i used to date ron weasley

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