Hyo-Rin Jung
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Hyo-Rin Chorong Jung
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: I honestly do not know
Birthday: lol
Height: er
Weight: haha
Address: no
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: None
Family & Friends
Family: Jae-Min Jung (father) Min-Hee Jung (mother)
Friends: We'll see
Relationships: This guy named Forever. His last name is Alone. He's all mine bitches~
Enemies: None, so far ;D
Other Information
Interests: Music, Food, Singing, Dancing, and food. DON'T FORGET FOOOOOD, oh and writing yay
Education: Hollywood Arts High School
Talent: Singing, Dancing, I also rap a little, Writing
Weaknesses: Acting, How adorable I am sometimes
Series Information
First appearance: lol
Last appearance: lol
Portrayer: Min Sun Ye and infobox is Reffy's.

OOC: DON'T USE HER FC pleaseeeee sorry for hogging but jjdjkdlkxfjnemiskdjm,hxnc


  • Hair Color: Red, but not like cat, but ya know
  • Eye Color: I FIGURED IT OUT YAY, Brown
  • Trademark: Hair

My hair is red. But it looks like it has a little bit of orange and brown in it, which is epic. My eyes are brown which I am just figuring out, since I saw a picture of me in my house yesterday so. My trademark is my hair because eesh fucking awesome :D


Jae-Min JungEdit

My dad. He lets me do anything I want :D Okay jk serious time. He finds me rather awkward and he thinks I need friends. Whateverrr.

Min-Hee JungEdit

My mom. She puts school before everything. Weirdo.


I was born in Goyang County, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Meep.


Very awkward via my father. My other name is Mrs. Forever Alone. So technically my name is Hyo-Rin Jung-Alone. Perf.


excuse me


  • PSY is an amazing artist, but Gangnam Style is really irritating.
  • I need some friends.
    • No, not the show.
  • I take selcas all da time.
  • Wonder Girls and 2ne1 are the only K-Pop groups I enjoy. I want to marry Gong Min-ji one day ^.^.
  • I could watch Full House all day long.
  • Rachel McAdams is the best actress ever. Mean Girls <3.
  • Rachel McAdams, Lea Michele, Troian Bellisario, and Lee Chaerin are all my flawless queens.

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