Okay, what's up with this? It's getting irritating. INSULTING ME!?! That's rude. You might not be happy right now, but insulting me is a 5 year old thing that you do. Yes, I insult people at times, at you're trying to "get back" at me, but I have a lot of problems at home. I take all my anger out on Emily, most of the time, but Emily and I have some sort of a shaky friendship. If you hate me because I'm not the biggest fan of Emily, here's a tip: GET OVER IT. I would like most of you guys if you just backed off! All my friends at my old school trusted me, and I trusted them. BUT YOU GUYS!?! NO ONE CAN FREAKING TRUST YOU FOR 2 MINUTES! Not all of you though, 'cause I'm not calling out any names, but you should know who you are. I know I bully people, for my own pleasure, and I know it's wrong. Half of you don't know what's going on in my real life, so can it! I insult because of the pain, and torture that's going on in my life. You can't freaking change me. If you can't deal with it, just get out of my sight. You might not like me, and I might not like you, I don't forgive and forget. You want to be my friend? Don't get on my bad side, or like Emily. I know I'll get tons of hate for this, but that's what I think. BYE.

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