Hannah Willis
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Hannah Willis
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: July 18, 1997
Height: 5'4
Address: -.-
Occupation(s): making fun of Emily , acting, dancing.
Family & Friends
Family: Kelly Willis (mom), Jake Willis (Dad), Samantha Willis (sister) and Maye Willis (other sister)
Friends: People
Relationships: Jordan Snow (Current) , Brandon Smith (Ex)
Pet(s): Joe (Cat), Flappy (bird), Bella (Dog) and Abby (hamster)
Enemies: Stupid People
Other Information
Interests: Music, Making out with my BF, Acting
Education: Hollywood Arts High School
Talent: Acting
Weaknesses: Singing
Series Information
Portrayer: Dish evul chick.
Hi, my name is Hannah Willis. I am probably, better and more talented than you. You can check out my TheSlap Page on this website, because I don't want you to be lazy and click the link if I put it up here. Now, keep reading while eating a chocolate bar, which will make you fat.

My *AMAZING* LooksEdit

  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Trademark: Uh..everything. DUH!

I am hot. You can't deny. I mean, look at my face. I am a total fashion diva. Everyone loves me. My pretty body, my hair. Just, wow! I am so hot. Like, super hot. I mean, talk about hotness. I hate when people are ugly (They TOTES need plastic surgery!) Oh, btw, Emily Bailey is an ugly creature who's afraid to wear a dress.

My familyEdit

My mother is Kelly Willis. She is amazing. She works as a model 24/7. Everyone knows why I got such hot looks. Because of my mom. I've seen pics of her as a teen and she looked like me, but I'm hotter. I want her to tell Emily to go drown, because she's so brave, but because of her modeling job, she's not as home as much. I also named her after my horse.

My father is Jake Willis. Like my mother, he is amazing. He's a singer, and he has the most amazing voice. He also acts sometimes too. He isn't as brave as my mom, but he's still pretty cool. He's home more than my mom. He's such a horrible cook though, but he's still awesome.

My sister is Samantha Willis. She's not pretty nor talented. I am 20x better than her. All she does is freaking book work. That's why she doesn't go to HA. She's just horrible. She's not good at anything, except school. School is boring. -.-. That's why I went to Hollywood Arts, to get away from her, and bleh... bookwork.-.- I'm hotter than her.

My other sister is Maye Willis. First of all, she has a stupid first name. Our dumb grandma named her, which was completly stupid. Maye can sing a little, but not much. She's pretty irritating imo. Also, she's very mental, and she gets a lot of D's, which makes our father very disapointed. Which is exactly why she's stupid. I'm hotter than her. Obviously.


My bird is Flappy. He is a parrot, and I hate it when he mimmicks me. Once, he almost cut my hand, such a stupid bird. -.-. He can't do anything, 'cause he's so stupid.

My cat is Joe. He sleeps all day, and he doesn't do anything. Also, when he does wake up he runs around the whole house like it's his own personal litter box. Eh, whenever he poops or pees, I just get Maye to pick up anything that beastly cat did.



My dog is Bella. I named her off the character in Twilight. Bella is a dumb dog. That's why I call her DD at times. She barks waay to loud, and poops inside the house! I hate when pets do that, gosh. -.-, and, if you call her cute, I shall kill you in your sleep. She's ugly, and not as perfect, and hot as me.

My hamster, is Amber. All I wanna say, is that I wanna kill her. I cannot explain her stupidness! You would seriously DIE if I tell you about her. She doesn't deserve an awesome name like Amber. -.-

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I have a new horse, named Kelly. She seems really elegant, more elegant than you, possibly. AND more elegant than the ugly Emily! Now, I shall show you a picture of me, and my awesome horse, Kelly. Who is better than Emily. Meh, everything is better than Emily. Even that lowlife Vanessa.


I come off as bitchy. I hold a grudge. I'm upset everyday.


Wow. You don't need to learn about my history, stalker.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Who the hell were those people? Seriously.

Other PeopleEdit

My current boyfriend is Jordan Snow. He's mine, all mine, we truly love each other. I love to hug him, whenever there's a chance I could. He's a guy who cares about you, and he's also smoking hot. I plan to dump him soon, for this HOTTER guy. Yep, true story. ;)


Brandon and I.

My ex is Brandon Smith. He was amazing, but he gained some weight, and I don't date fat people. Like, ew! I mean, seriously, who does? I thought he was cute/cool, but he's fat/lazy.

One of my best friends in the whole world is Lauren Keale. She completly understands about my pain, and she's awesome. She's not stupid like Emily, or any of her friends. (or most of her friends). I love her a lot, more than Spongebob needs Patrick. Heck, Patrick doesn't need Spongebob 'cause he's so fricking stupid, and he needs help with doing everything.


Message from the PortrayerEdit

Playing Hannah is funnn. I like being a birch tree.