Grace Clayton
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Grace Thalia Clayton
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Fiery red
Eye Color: blue
Birthday: October 19, 1995
Height: 5'4
Weight: 122 lbs.
Address: 8265 Jameson Boulevard, LA, CA
Occupation(s): Student, musician, performer, employee at Forever 21
Aliases: Gracey, Grace, Thalia
Family & Friends
Family: Jefferson and Giana Clayton, Zander Clayton, Neira Clayton
Friends: List
Relationships: Lolno
Enemies: list
Other Information
Interests: Music, Forever 21, sports
Education: ...why?
Talent: Guitar, singing, dancing
Weaknesses: ...why?
Series Information
First appearance: Birth
Last appearance: ...why?
Portrayer: ...why?


The State of Grace – Child of my parents
I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I'll never let you go. When all those shadows almost killed your light.

 Just close your eyes. The sun is going down. You'll be alright. No one can hurt you now.

Hey people.


Hair Colour:fiery red

Eye Colour:blue

Trademark:My epic hair

I have red hair; people can always find me in a crowd because of it. Most of my closet is filled with Forever 21 clothes, since I work there and get a discount. The rest is like Hollister, Abercrombie and other stuff.


Bleh too much to put down.


I was born, I played instruments, and I came here. Simple.


I can be fun, nice, and sarcastic. I have a mean side 75% of the time, or if I see you and hate you. I can be rude, mean, funny, and all that other stuff. Other than that, I'm a typical teen. I'm not that trusting, unless you're my friend. I am clingy, vengeful, and realistic. I'm not pessimistic though.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Andre HarrisEdit

He's nice; we're aquaintances.

Beck OliverEdit

He's okay, but I try to avoid him.

Cat ValentineEdit

This girl should shut her face.

Jade WestEdit

Bitch kill me.

Robbie ShapiroEdit

He's nice, and like a brother for me.

Tori VegaEdit

She's pretty cool and we're close friends.

Trina VegaEdit


Other PeopleEdit

Tara KnightEdit

We were friends a while ago, but then we lost contact. idk if she still remembers me.

Stuff you may not know about meEdit

  • I work at Forever 21
  • I am a singer, model, musician, and a dancer
  • My favorite color is violet
  • I am a liar, hypocrite, Biatch, and I judge people
  • I do volleyball every Tuesday
  • I have Arachnaphobia and Aquaphobia
  • I have been an extra in three movies and a dancer in four music videos

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